Shabby mixed media pendants

Hi, everyone! Today me, Viktoriya Porechnaya, is here. And I hope to inspire you creating something magical this month.

p1I made these shabby mixed media pendants from Gauche Alchemy stuff from my happy mail box. The spools and chipboard are from the UNDRESSED kit, but you can certainly use items from your own stash!

What I used: wooden spools, pieces of fabric and lace, grunge chipboards, brads, pins and jewelry embellishments. Light acrylic paints are used as well!

p2Paint spools and chipboard with white paint

p3Add pink and blue tones on it

p4Wind strips of  fabric and laces onto spools and pin itp5

Insert and turn bijou pins


p8Make holes and put brads in crowns

p7Glue wings and crowns using glue gun

p8Add beads and charms for pendants and to the chain. Some paint touches make it shabby.

p9p9p10Finally you have great handmade pendants!

p11Thanks for reading! I had fun, and hope that I’ve inspired you to create some pendants of your own.




Love My Quickies ;-)

Hiya Gauche Peeps and welcome!

This month I thought I might share with you my background madness. That is to say the crazy way I make my scrapbooking backgrounds. I get asked how I make pages so fast sometimes and it’s because I have a go-to pile of ready made backgrounds for when I am short on time or inspiration. They are a great kicking off point when I am in a “can’t think” zone (which is way too often due to most of my scrap time being after bedtime).

This is the current pile


So….. How it happens,

I get a bee in my bonnet about a technique I want to try, a product I want to play with, or something I just cannot bear to throw out until I have completely sucked it dry, creatively speaking.

Most recently I had this piece of cardstock lying around to which I had stuck punchinella (almost all over). I had originally intended to use it as a background, as it was, but I didn’t really like it. I couldn’t bear to just toss it out so it became my latest experimental “stamp”. Here it is after the event


I tried the first print with mist and it was a bit blah so I started in on the paints. Scraping a colour over the punchinella using an old itunes card. This is what they looked like


As you can see, I didn’t clean it in any way between colours, giving me more depth in the results. I also didn’t clean my mat (it’s a big job and one I keep for times when I have no creative flow going on). Now, I’m a fan of mess and variety, and I like my backgrounds framed with colour so the next step is to ‘clean’ my mat using a few of the backgrounds I just made (some of the ones that are a bit bland and boring). To do this I mist liberally with water to reactivate all the mists and mediums then push the edges of my backgrounds into it. I also lay the prints face down and wipe up the mess with them like you would a kitchen rag.

messy-matAnd here are the ones I used on this occasion


You can see the order they were done by the depth of the grey on them. Now let them all dry and add them to my stash.

I used one of the backgrounds to make this page which took about 30 mins since all I had to do was pull out some matching Gauche goodies and do a title and dymo journalling – too easy!

sky-highThanks for coming by and checking out my creative madness, I’m sure you’ll be inspired by what’s coming at you from the Alchemists this month.

Til next time

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Steampunk Sconces

Greetings and salutations! Scraps, here, and I’ll bet no one is surprised that I took this month’s inspiration board and created another project for my house, right?

altered art steampunk sconces by Scraps Vanderbeek

The warm colors and metallic tones in the Klimt paintings fit in well with our future plans for the dining room (think deep reds, tin ceiling tiles, and very steampunk) so I decided to create a pair of sconces to either flank the doors or maybe some art on the wall facing the mantle. (There’s also a very good chance I’ll be making another set or two if we can’t decide which wall to put them on!)

I started with a couple of wooden plaques from the craft store and painted them first with a Barn Red acrylic, followed by sponged layers of renaissance brown metallic glaze and burnt umber acrylic (in that order).

chipboard gear altered art by Scraps Vanderbeek

To make my stencils, I found some concentric circle chipboard sheets and notched them out to look like gears. Then I traced them onto the painted plaques in a more-or-less mirrored pattern. The biggest gear is positioned about a third of the way up the plaque as a “frame” for the tubing that will make our light fixture.

My husband and I have our own tasks in home projects: I’m the Idea-r and he’s the I-doer. So it was at this point I turned the plaques over to him to drill the appropriately sized holes for the threaded pipe fitting. Then it was back to me for gilding the gears.

altered art by Scraps Vanderbeek

After brushing on a thin layer of Helmar Super-Tac Glue and letting it get tacky, I laid pieces of Rose Copper Leaf over the glue and brushed away the excess. While I went back to touch up some spots of the leafing to fill in gaps, I didn’t worry too much about all of the edges being precise as it adds a feeling of instant age to the sconces. The edges of the plaques were rubbed with Spanish Copper Rub & Buff and then the whole thing got a couple layers of Helmar Crystal Kote Gloss Varnish.

altered art by Scraps Vanderbeek

Back to Todd the plaques went, and we figured how long the pipe lengths needed to be both coming out from the plague and traveling up from the bend so that the bulb would be positioned in the top third of the plaque. We have the option of either wiring it to a plug or (more likely) waiting until we renovate the room and wire them into a dimmer switch.

steampunk sconces by Scraps Vanderbeek

A complete parts list is available on my blog.

Wishing you creative days!


Hello, Gauchies!! It’s Rachel Whetzel with my take on the October Challenge! As soon as I saw the challenge board, I knew I would be using a photo I have of my grandmother and grandfather back when they were young and beautiful… sitting together on a log at a beach somewhere… It was the perfect pose to put them on the moon!!

altered bingo card by Rachel Whetzel

I used Creative Paperclay® to sculpt a dimensional moon onto a vintage bingo card, and cut my photo out. Once my moon was painted, I used some dimensional adhesive strips to hold Gramma and Grampa onto their spot on the moon. Then I used some text stickers from my collection, to finish off the piece!

altered Bingo card by Rachel Whetzel

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Hello, Gauchies!! It’s Rachel Whetzel here… This month’s project was so much fun!​ ​​I tried to use as many features from the inspiration board as I could… and I’m pretty happy with the results!

mixed media altered art by Rachel Whetzel

As part of my detail, I used a bit of dictionary paper that says “farm” on it, to tie in with the country feel of the board.

mixed media altered art by Rachel Whetzel

I also FINALLY got the chance to use one of my fishing lures that I’ve had stashed away in my drawers, waiting for just the right project!

mixed media altered art by Rachel Whetzel

This color combination, and the distressed look are right up my alley… and even though I feel like there are some bits to this that stretched and challenged my artsy side, I really loved working on this month’s challenge!

mixed media altered art by Rachel Whetzel

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