An Ode to Foam Stamps

Hello! This is Jackie, and I’m here to confess my love of foam stamps, and to sing their praises.

Foam stamps are one of my favorite craft supplies/tools to work with when doing mixed media projects. Of course, their lines can’t be as delicate as rubber or photo-polymer stamps, but the bold lines of foam stamps are still quite appealing to me.

You can buy foam stamps in stores (Hobby Lobby), or online (Joggles, Art Foamies, and Clearsnap Magic). I have at least one from each place, and I love using them, but I also like to make them.


An envelope I gel printed using a gorgeous foam stamp I found at Hobby Lobby on sale for $0.88. Yes, $0.88.

And you too can make your own stamps. All you need is craft foam. Craft foam sheets and shapes (plain or self-adhesive) can be found at just about any craft store, or a store with a decent craft section, like Walmart.

(All the pictures henceforth are of stamps I’ve made.)

Craft foam can be mounted on a variety of surfaces: A wooden block, matte board, cardboard, paper roll, thick foam, etc. Through trial and error, I’ve found that Glossy Accents and Aleena’s Tack-It Over and Over work best as adhesives, so far.


The foam shapes are mounted to 6 mm foam by Darice.



The foam is adhered to the blocks of unmounted rubber stamps. The oval shape you see on the paper is on the other side of the smaller of the two stamps. Just flip, stamp, and repeat!

And it can be cut using various cutting tools like: scissors, cutting machine (Silhouette, Cricut), and die cut machine (Cuttlebug, Big Shot, etc.)


The foam in this picture was cut using the die in the top right corner.



I drew on the foam with a sharpie, cut out the shape with scissors and a craft knife, then adhered it to a paper roll. (3 mm foam)



The one on the left is the result of foam being cut in the previous picture. The one on the right was also hand cut… Each. Piece. (>_<) It took what seemed like forever.



The sharpie on foam project was a little messy, so this time I drew on a piece of paper with a sharpie and then scanned and cut it with the Silhouette Cameo. (2 mm foam)



This one is a design from the Silhouette Design Store, also cut using the Silhouette Cameo.


You can also make impressions in foam using a heating tool and objects around your craft room like: embossing folders, beads, stencils and stamps.


Heat the foam first, then quickly place the punchinella over it, and then place an acrylic block on top of both. Apply pressure for 15 seconds, and voila!



The impressions on the Clearsnap Magic stamps were made using embossing folders, a rubber stamp (the punched circle with the letters), a stencil (the stamp 2nd from the left), and a string of beads (stamp 3rd from the left).

Here are a few pictures of foam stamps I’ve made, and some of the ways I’ve used them in mixed media projects.


I was in the middle of this journal spread and decided I wanted a specific pattern I didn’t already have, so I made this stamp in a matter of minutes.



The impression on the stamp was made with an embossing folder.



There are six foam stamps used in this journal spread. Can you find them? 1) The arrows in teal along the top, 2) The double oval shape in black going under the wording, 3) the overlapping rectangles in the background in fuchsia and white covering the whole page, 4) The flower stamped in black on the right edge, 5) The teal lotus flower stamped on white paper and glued, 6) The lavender tribal pattern stamped on black paper and glued. Did you find all of them?

Well, I hope I’ve successfully passed on my addiction to foam stamps, and I can’t wait to see how you incorporate them into your projects. Don’t forget to tags us on IG (Gauche Alchemy and  Creationsbyjsheri), and post on Gauche Alchemy Studio FB page when you do.

Until next time, be creative!


Mixed Media Art Journal Page: Dream and Wish

Hi all, it is me again Bea from bee’s atelier. We all have Dreams and Wishes, I know so here is a little Art Journal Page I made for all the dream and wishes I have. I have been pretty busy lately and so I didn’t have a lot of time to do Art, but I managed to squeeze in an Art Journal Page. While I was working on the page, I was dreaming about a life just with Art….. But hey we all know it doesn’t work that way.


So I started in my Art Journal, which I have found in the thrift store. I have no idea what kind of paper it is, but it is rather lightweight so I have applied in advance Gesso to the page. ( In fact I have several pages already prepared with gesso in advance, so if the Muse strikes me I can start right away)

Next I started with some metallic acrylic paint.









I have used puncinella as stamps, and as you can see I have used the Big Shot with a Heart Steal rule dye for a Mask/Stencil tool. This technique is sometimes called reverse stenciling, where you apply color through the stencil and then you wipe it away with a damp Baby Wipe. This gives a different pattern than the normal applying through the stencil.


Next I lay out some sketchy leaves with a fineline applicator. I have filled the applicator with black acrylic paint and some slow drying medium.


Then I have painted the inside with acrylic paint again.


I have stamped this image on napking and on some cardstock. Next I have colored the image on the cardstock with Metalic watercolors and Inktense watercolor pencils. To adhere to the page I have used a mat gelmedium.


I do love splatters, but not everywhere, so I covered up the focal image with some scratch paper. I also added circles with Stazon Ink in black.


And here a closeup from the focal image, isn’t she fun?


If you want to see more of the whole process, you can watch here my video. Enjoy!









The Bewitching Bird Bottle- Apothecary Art


The Bewitching Bottle


Hey y’all its me (Chantal) on the blog today. Our theme for this month is curiosities and apothecaries. Collecting apothecary bottles is one of my favorite treasures to find.  I love old vintage apothecary bottles-small and worn, with a hint of a label from by gone days. I also love new “apothecary’ bottles with unique shapes, cork lids, clear glass…..and all contain possibility.  Realizing the potential in this repurposed balsamic vinegar bottle, I started  with swirling paints in the bottle which  created the mysterious potion inside.  And then adding ICE Resin®, stickers, feathers, bezels and a bird (bezel), twisted punchinella and even a tulle pompom, this apothecary bottle became the perfect addition to the bewitching hour. Gather a few supplies and let’s get started creating your very own …Bewitching Bird Bottle.


Twisted punchinella adds the perfect amount of magic.



Bottle – new or vintage

Acrylic paints – silver and black or desired colors

Halloween stickers – Vintage or new

Glue stick

Bezels (2)

Bird Bezel

Metal embellishment – desired shapes ( I used a brass wing)

Feathers (5) – I used my hens’ feathers


Tulle pompon (found in the $ section of Target)

ICE Resin®, mixed and prepared according to package directions

Glue gun, glue sticks

Strong glue dots

Black ribbon

Thin guage wire



*Pour acrylic paints in bottle and swirl to coat. Turn upside down and place in a disposable tray to dry.

**Tip:  If the paint is too thick- add a little water, so it will swirl around.


The Bottle before the embellishments and the paint has dried.

*For the Bezels, cut stickers to fit inside and place inside the bezels with a little bit of adhesive.

* Mix the ICE Resin® according to manufacturer’s directions. Pour slowly into bezels.

**For the bird bezel, add a little black acrylic paint to the ICE Resin and stir to incorporate the paint. Pour slowly into the bird bezel

**Let bezels dry for 8-10 hours.



*Adhere the bird bezel with a small amount of ICE Resin® or a very strong adhesive. Let dry.

*With small bezel and wire, wire wrap the bezel to the opening of the bird.



Wire wrapped bezel

*Using strong glue dots, adhere the main bezel to the front of bottle.

*Tie black ribbon through the holes of the bezel and then around the bottle and back through the hole on the other side

*Cut a wide strip of the punchinella. Twist to create a messy look and then adhere with hot glue.

*Next embellish with pompom, metal charms and feathers



Another view of the bottle….


Another Close up!

I hope that I’ve inspired you to create something of your own!

The illusive Genuine Angel Firefly…

Hello friends! Susan here with a project that has captured something I have been chasing after for quite some time… my muse! She has been quite illusive lately and and has been secretly sneaking away for what I can only assume is for getting into mischief. But I have captured her and also a rare specimen – the ‘genuine angel firefly’.


This month is all about “curiosities” – apothecary boxes, shrines, 3-D dimensional pieces and assemblage! So many things to entice my muse… and this mini assemblage combines painty goodness with monoprints {created on my Gel Press Printing Plate}, and dimension combining a wooden canvas frame, a wooden spool, some bits and baubles and also a couple hand cast resin pieces.


Curiouser and curiouser… my muse came to play with the assortment of strips of words and phrases found in my “UNDRESSED” mixed media paper art kit… that spell out ‘genuine boy’, ‘angel’ and ‘firefly’. This interesting combination of words sent me off on a mission to create a 3D imaginary specimen inspired by some beetle and bug stamps.


A couple weeks ago I made a bunch of monoprinted papers on book pages using my fabulous favorite punchinella from Gauche Alchemy. Just two pulls and this one is good enough for me!!! This paper is Cracked Pistachio and Blue Lagoon Ranger Distress Paint. Love this color combination and how the text peeks through.


Before trimming my paper to wrap mini canvas, I traced around my resin piece with a pencil to lightly mark where I want to stamp the top and bottom of a beetle. I stamped with black pigment ink just the head and antennae of the beetle, then embossed with some black glittery embossing powder. TA-DA!!


You don’t have to use the entire stamp the way it comes… you can just use a portion. I’m so happy I was able to work this out in my crazy mind without having to fussy cut this beetle. Now with the beetle parts in place, I can trim and mount this beauty to the mini canvas and glue inside the backwards facing frame. It looked more interesting that way.


I glued on my resin cast pieces colored with a gold metallic powder brushed into mold when poured {you can see the original handle in the supply pix above}. I gave the resin pieces a rubbing with some dark pewter and silver Rub ‘n Buff® and also some layers of black pigment pen brushed into crevices to bring out the details. I have loads of things in a box of things to mold for arting and I never know what they will evolve into… I let them take on a life of their own.

I finished off the corners with some metal spider charms with loops clipped off, my words phrase assembled on a torn scrap of book page, and a wooden spool spritzed black wrapped with a scrap of silver thread and painted book paper. This is just so spooky cool!


This may be small, but this just makes me smile so big! I’m so happy to be able to bring a couple of hoarded vintage pieces to life in a creative way.

Go out and catch those fireflies!

I invite you to join us over at the Gauche Alchemy Studios Group on Facebook for more “curiosities” inspiration. Have a creative day!

Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Going with the Flow- Mixed Media Tag



Hello from Ohio!

When I received my Mixed Ephemera Paper Pack from Gauche Alchemy, I fell in love with this tag.  I didn’t want to use it until the perfect idea hit me.  Guess what???  I’ve got it!


I began by slapping on some modeling paste.  I didn’t take my time.  I don’t care about the blue that made it’s way into the paste.  I sprayed it with some orange ink, anyway.  dscn1459


Once my modeling paste was dry, I pulled out some items I knew I wanted to use.  This was my vision.  I was going to write the word “ART” inside the tickets, and it was going to be awesome!  dscn1463

I LOVED how I had decided to embellish the tag, so I began gluing the punchinella down.  Once I had the snowflake punchinella glued, I decided to add some creepy black netting.  I really like the look it adds.

Look at that little round “31” on the bottom.  That wasn’t supposed to go there.  It wasn’t a part of my vision.  dscn1472

Another small piece of ephemera made it’s way to the top right corner of my tag, somehow.  It’s alright, I guess.  I like adding twine to my work, especially underneath the focal point.  I put a small flower in the center of the twine circle to help hold my guy in place.dscn1474

I knew that this little guy needed some kind of background.  Although this is NOT AT ALL the route I thought I was going to be taking this tag, I wanted to incorporate my original ideas, so I grabbed the gray handmade paper that was in my first setup.  dscn1475

I needed a little something under the Kitty.  Again, I went back to my first idea.  I chose to add the cork star.  I found this wonderful “Poison” label, added some black ink to the edges, and popped it on top of the star.  Having the WORD “Poison” made me think I better add some ACTUAL poison.  I went for a small apothecary bottle and filled it with green Stickles.   dscn1477

Tags just aren’t complete without a string, ribbon, or lace.  I decided on a wide black lace.  I secured it with jute cord and added a little key.  I’m not sure why, really, but I like it.

As you can see, this is not at all what I envisioned this tag would look like completed.  I ABSOLUTELY love it. dscn1480

Here are a few close up photos to show the details:dscn1482


I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get what I wanted.  But the more I look at it, the more I like it.  Sometimes, things take a turn in a different direction, and you just have to go with it.

Thank you all so very much for checking out this post.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.  Don’t forget to share your work over in Gauche Alchemy Studios on Facebook.  Check out some of our other projects on Instagram: @GaucheAlchemy.

Supplies used:


Snowflake Punchinella

Black Net

Gypsy Cord

Jute String


Paper Ephemera

Cork Star


Color Block Paper


Apothecary Bottle

Mixed Media Glue

Modeling Paste