Here Birdie, Birdie, Birdie

Hello everyone! Alchemist Marilyn here with a fun little project for your viewing enjoyment. What to you get when you cross a wood birdhouse with Gauche Alchemy goodness? Well, take a look and see!

altered bird house

I took a wood birdhouse and gesso’d the front to give the paint a good surface to stick to. The gesso also stopped the wood from absorbing the paint. After the gesso was dry, I gave the front a good spray with red spray paint, being careful not to spray too thickly to prevent drips and runs. When that was dry, I painted the trim and the base with dark green craft paint. Then I glued on all kinds of bits and pieces from the Banana Hammock Mixed Media Color Kit. I LOVE the cat. I think it’s a nice touch and adds to the whimsy of the birdhouse (what I was aiming for).

altered bird house

Measuring all the sides separately (the birdhouse wasn’t even close to being square), I then laid out and cut pieces of white ouchless cardboard. I sprayed the each piece of cardboard with the same red spray paint I used on the front. It was then glued on using Weldbond glue (a good all around, all purpose glue, found at your local hardware store).

altered bird house

Next, I measured each of the four sections that made up the top and cut out more ouchless cardboard. This time I painted it with silver spray paint to simulate sheet metal. Looks good doesn’t it?

I know I say this a lot, but this was FUN! Now, go grab you some glue, color kits, a little ouchless cardboard, maybe some punchinella, and see what awesomeness you can create.

Until later………….

Playing With ATCs

Hey there, alchemists! It’s Rachel Whetzel. As you probably already know, this month’s Themed Kit at Gauche Alchemy is all about the ATC. It’s been AGES since I worked in that medium, and the ARTist Trading Card TechniKit has inspired me to play some more.

mixed media ATC

I love punchinella. We’ve had conversations before about my “collections” and punchinella is no exception. I love the stuff. Most times, I use it in my art as a stencil, but more and more, I am trying to find ways to use the actual punchinella in my work, so that’s what I experimented with on these ATCs. Both ATCs started out the same way. I glued the punchinella to playing cards. Then I painted one of them, and glued an Asian paper from the Foreign Text Paperpack over the top of the other.

punchinella ATC

Once I had the paper over the punchinella, it didn’t show up like I hoped it would, so I sanded it, and then painted over the piece to help bring the punchinella dimension out. I used some Limeaid Velvet Dimensional paint from Art Anthology to add dimension with my Spinning Tops Stencil from Ronda Palazzari.

stencil punchinella ATC

For my second card, I painted over the top of the black gesso, and then sanded down a bit. Then I added some WASHI tape, some more foreign text papers, and a distressed strip of Ouchless Cardboard along with some doodling.

mixed media ATC

The thing I adore about ATCs is their small space. It’s so much fun to sit and create something small. Gauche Alchemy’s ARTist Trading Card TechniKit has everything you could possibly need, and it pairs with any product you already have in your stash too!!

Want to see more of what I’m up to? Visit me on PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM, or like MY PAGE on Facebook! Thanks for stopping by! ~rachel

365 Days of Miracles and Art – Part 2

Hello Gauche Alchemy fans…Pam here! It’s March, the luckiest month of the year!… And, right now I am working on being grateful for all of the good things in my life. It is important to take stock in why one is lucky… good health, good friends, loving family, and so on.

This month in the Gauche Alchemy newsletter, I introduced you to one of my newest long-term creative endeavors–create one work of art for each of the 365 devotional reflections contained in Marianne Williamson’s newest book,
A Year of Miracles – Daily Devotions and Reflections.

Well, since I created the three ATCs I shared with you in the March 1st newsletter, I have been overly busy with work and life. Subsequently, I haven’t gotten as far as I’d liked to have gotten at this point. Yet, I refuse to give up on a great idea!

Thus, I made it my goal for this blog entry to get three new pieces finished so I could share them with you today. And, with my busy life nipping at my heels, I decided to go back to a personally tried and true creative method and material–scratchboard. (Scratchboard is a method/technique/medium artists and illustrators use that involves creating a woodblock print effect, with sharp scratch tools and a smoothly inked board. The artist scratches through the black ink layer on top of the board, to reveal the white paper surface below.)

scratchboard angel

scratchboard 365

scratchboard eye 365

All of the above pieces were themed based on daily passages and advice from Days 4, 5, and 7 of Williamson’s book. I, then decided to house the finished little 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ artworks in plastic picture holders, to protect them and so I could place them strategically around my house–reminding me of the wise meditative words every day. (I used some Gelato colored Ouchless Cardboard to back each work, to keep them snug in their frames, and add a nice finished touch.)

scratchboard plastic display

scratchboard plastic display

Well, I sure hope I have inspired you a bit this month. If only to look for how you have been lucky, or to keep working towards those creative goals, no matter how busy your life gets!… Also, please remember to share with us, on FLICKR, all of your creative endeavors… Until next month, take care and see you in April!

Fast Forward

Hi there, Linda here and today I have a colorful, “in motion” project for you. I just love these images of three active sisters in action. Everything I’ve used on this page is from various Gauche Alchemy themed kits from the last two years. I just love the parachute robots on this fun paper for these active girls.

mixed media layout

As you can see from the first picture, I layered all the papers including white Ouchless Cardboard and punchinella from the Punchinella Variety Pack and then added some gesso to make it easier for the spray ink to float. (I’ve used various Ink sprays from Art Anthology.)

white cardboard scrapbook layout

mixed media scrapbook layout

mixed media scrapbook layout

Thank you for looking and I hope this inspired you to make a fun and playful project!


Tag Yo’ Stash

Hello everyone, Alchemist Marilyn here and today I have two large tags that I created using the Scrap Yo’ Stash Mixed Media Kit. Since I had so much left over from my previous project, I decided to make these tags. One is for me to keep (the kitties) and one is for a swap I’m participating in.

Scrap Yo Stash Mixed Media Kit

Totally awesome kit guys!

cats mixed media tag

I call this one Meow (wonder why?). I started off by covering the tag with a book page I found in the kit and then stenciling over it with black embossing paste. I trimmed a piece of white ouchless cardboard and centered it on the page. On top of that, I added a piece of punchinella from the kit, gluing it on diagonally (spray adhesive works great with punchinella). I didn’t want a lot of straight up and down lines. I followed this with the kitties that I cut out of a playing card that yep, you guessed it, was in the kit. Lastly, I stenciled “Meow” onto a scrap piece of cardstock, cut it out, and then lightly inked.

snow queen mixed media tag

For my Snow Queen, I started by misting the tag with a couple of green mists and then painted it with glitter paint. Next I glued on a piece of white ouchless cardboard, making sure it was slightly larger than the image I had fussy-cut. I accented my picture of the lady with Stickles so her muff and collar would stand out and have an icy look. Parts of her dress were colored with a green marker to coordinate with the background color of the tag. Then went on three pieces of snowflake German scrap and glittery sticker letters that spell out “Snow Queen”. A green heart “scepter” at the bottom and a green button at the top (both from the kit) finish out this tag. It will be headed to its new home shortly!

I just loved playing with the Scrap Yo’ Stash Kit. Tons and tons of paper and goodies and yes, I still have a bunch left over. Now why don’t you get you your own kit and go make something fabulous!

Until later…………….