Positive Scrapping

Howdy Alchemists, Lisa here…

Last blog update for a while and I thought I would leave you with some positive scrapping. A few years ago I completed the 365 day self portrait challenge. Well , suffice to say I have printed a few and still have a couple laying around here and there.

mixed media mini album by Lisa Oxley

mini album by Lisa Oxley

mini album by Lisa Oxley

So I thought I would throw together a little album about me. For the book itself I cut a piece of white corrugated 12”x12” cardstock and started with that. I then folded 3 sheets of cardstock, stuck them back to back, painted the pages roughly and made a little book. Out comes the Gauche goodness packs and the fun begins.

mini album by Lisa Oxley

mini album by Lisa Oxley

mini album by Lisa Oxley

Creative Love and Inspired Mojo to all those in blog World.
Lisa aka Scrapwitch

Epic Sparkle

Hi Linda here. I’ve been playing with some items full of color and glamour. I took this fab image of one of my good creative friends and just had to make her a wallhanging.

I’ve used a 12×12″ sheets of b-flute cardboard and some yellow cardboard. I added sequins to really make the wallhanging sparkle. It is meant to hang on the wall, but it even sends sparkles outside in the flowerbed. :)

Wishing you all a great summer!



Hello, Creatives!! Rachel here. What a bitter sweet post this is for me… on so many levels!! Of course, the first being that this is my last post as an Alchemist this year. Another being that I *get* to relive my empty nest syndrome from my oldest’s graduation. This year, a lot of kiddos that I consider my surrogate kids are graduating, and they’ll be moving into adulthood. I’ll see them so much less than I do now, and I’m a bit sad about that… As I was thinking about what to create this month, I decided to go with my card theme one last time, and create some graduation cards for a couple of those kids. I tried to create something a little more cheerful to help balance the melancholy feelings I have about all of them becoming grown ups.

card by Rachel Whetzel

I had a little fun with the play on words by writing Congratulations as conGRADulations. Original, I know, but I just can’t stay away from punny fun!

Card by Rachel Whetzel

I made this card with some really beautifully textured creme colored wallpaper, a few strips of Washi tape, a Rhonda Palazzari stencil, some punchinella stencil, ouchless cardboard as a stamp, and some fun with pink sequins. I painted a bit of foreign text paper with the pink I used on the punchinella stencil, and then wrote “conGRADulations!” over the paint. So many fun bits from a variety of Gauche goodies in my stash, and I really love the way it came out. It’s so fun to keep adding layers until you have things just so. Using my favorite cheery colors really DID help to lift my spirits too.

If you’re making a card for a graduate in your life, remember that layers don’t have to be bulky!! Mailing bulky cards can be tricky, so using paints and tapes is a great way to add layers without creating a mailing headache.
So that’s it for me! This has been an excellent year, and I have enjoyed every moment of my time as an Alchemist. Let’s not say goodbye with this post!! I would love to keep in touch with you and continue to share creatively! Visit me on MY BLOG, Follow me on INSTAGRAM, and like my artist’ page on FACEBOOK! Join me in some creative challenges at Monday Mugshots and A Year in the Life of an Art Journal! I look forward to staying connected with you! ~rachel


Hi Everyone, Deb here!! How was your month?? Well for us, it has been filled with puppies.

This month we gave my youngest son a puppy. He lost his dog late last year- her name was Sasha. We rescued Sasha from a life in a cage when she was about 9 years old. There is not a day goes by we talk about her, and how much we miss her. She was an amazing dog- she lived until she was 16 years old. She walked around on two back legs like a person- and was the best rabbit catcher- right up until the week before she passed. I made this layout to commemorate her life with us.

mixed media pet scrapbook layout

I have used Ouchless Cardboard, elements from the Blue Streak mixed media colour kit and some punchinella along with some left overs from my stash- including an acrylic frame I used as a stencil, then embossed with embossing powder- (the heat gun made it go all buckled and I love it!!!)

mixed media pet scrapbooking

The little dots you see on the layout are drops of dimensional magic…a glue/clear sealer I am IN LOVE with!! This now hangs in a frame on my wall at home. This way- Sash is gone, but never forgotten.

So, until next month- go get your memory art on!!!

Cards for a Crazy-Busy Life

Hello Gauche Alchemy fans… Pam here! It’s May, and life is spinning out of control right now! For the next two months, it’s birthdays, graduations, weddings, end-of-the-school-year activities, art shows, contests, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Summer classes and workshops, work trips, vacation trips, etc… As in your life too I am certain, it goes on and on and on… Personally, I have lots of spring/summer birthdays in our family, and I never seem to get a card out on time. Mainly, because I hate buying them, when I can make better ones. Yet, I never seem to stop and make them.

So, I decided to get a little jump on a few cards, since I have lots of Gauche Alchemy goodies to use, left-over envelopes to put to good use, and hand-made paper collages that are just sitting in my image folder waiting for good homes. The cards I created are below…

mixed media cards by Pam Palmarini

In simplest terms… For the card bases, I cut cardstock to match my square envelopes, and folded them in half. Then, I cut my previously made hand-made paper collage images to fit. Next, I sewed the images to my bases with my sewing machine. To jazz them up a bit, I added white Ouchless Cardboad corners, some neon acrylic painted 20 mm and 10mm punchinella stenciling, and some embellishments from the Green with Envy Mixed Media Color Kit and the Wedding Night Mixed Media Color Kit. (That was pretty much it! Short and sweet!) The card images and details are below…

mixed media card by Pam Palmarini

card by Pam Palmarini

card by Pam Palmarini

card by Pam Palmarini

card by Pam Palmarini

card by Pam Palmarini

card by Pam Palmarini

card by Pam Palmarini

Well, that’s all from this crazy-busy gal this month… Please remember to share with us, on FLICKR, all of your creative endeavors… Until next month, take care and see you in June!