Shabby mixed media pendants

Hi, everyone! Today me, Viktoriya Porechnaya, is here. And I hope to inspire you creating something magical this month.

p1I made these shabby mixed media pendants from Gauche Alchemy stuff from my happy mail box. The spools and chipboard are from the UNDRESSED kit, but you can certainly use items from your own stash!

What I used: wooden spools, pieces of fabric and lace, grunge chipboards, brads, pins and jewelry embellishments. Light acrylic paints are used as well!

p2Paint spools and chipboard with white paint

p3Add pink and blue tones on it

p4Wind strips of  fabric and laces onto spools and pin itp5

Insert and turn bijou pins


p8Make holes and put brads in crowns

p7Glue wings and crowns using glue gun

p8Add beads and charms for pendants and to the chain. Some paint touches make it shabby.

p9p9p10Finally you have great handmade pendants!

p11Thanks for reading! I had fun, and hope that I’ve inspired you to create some pendants of your own.




Embroidery hoops assemblage art


Scientific Illustration, 1954 textbook

Insects intrigue me, although I am grossed out by most of them, except for the pretty ones, like butterflies or bees.  I don’t dare to touch one, unless they are in a non-scary form of a stamp, then I can use them in my artwork.

I especially like to use stamps on Shrinky Dink plastic.  It’s always fun to watch the plastic shrivel and shrink, and the image become smaller and saturated.  And so the main focus in these embroidery hoops are the insects, stamped on Shrinky Dink, and assembled with silk, lace and embroidery stitches.

Materials and tools:

Shrinky Dink

Ink: StazOn permanent – black


Silk and lace scraps

Embroidery thread

Sewing machine

Embroidery hoops

Saftey pins (7Gypsies)



1/8″ hole punch



Stamp your images on to the Shrinky Dink plastic.  Punch holes around the edges and bake according to the package instructions.

Insects assemblage art

Cut a piece of muslin about 1″ larger than the baked shrinky dink.  Layer silk and lace scraps and stitch it either by hand or on your sewing machine.

Insects assemblage art

Insects assemblage art

Secure your shrinky dink on to the collaged muslin by using embroidery thread and stitching through the holes you punched earlier.

Insects assemblage art

Insects assemblage art

Stretch muslin on an embroidery hoop and use safety pins to attach your mini assemblage.  Secure further with using a couple of stitches on the bottom corner. Tie up ribbon on the top of your embroidery hoop.

And you are done!!

Insects assemblage art

Insects assemblage art




The Best is Yet to Come

Hi Gauche Lovers, Lisa here.

Country charm. What can I say, this ain’t really my style of inspiration, but I intend to give everything a go. I suppose when I first looked at the mood board, my eyes saw all the brown happening on the page, and brown is a colour I avoid using. But if you look more into the mood board you see gorgeous turquoise, the lush layering of soft material and the flourish and ornamental details in the leather work. So this is what inspired my layout.

mixed media scrapbooking layout by Lisa Oxley

I have textured the background with an old plastic placemat as the stencil, painted the page and highlighted with a little rub and buff style product that is inca-gold. I’ve then added different material textures like hessin, natural ribbon and muslin.

mixed media scrapbooking layout by Lisa Oxley

A little exposure from the cardstock under the paint to reinforce the natural elements. A sweet photo from a recent wedding and embellishments complete this ‘country charm’ inspired layout.

mixed media scrapbook layout by Lisa Oxley


All About the Boots

Greetings and Salutations, y’all! Scraps, here, with a return to whimsical repurposing for our down home inspiration this month!

I’m almost ashamed to admit how long it was before I realized my take-away from this month’s inspiration board was those awesome boots because I am all about the shoes. A poor man’s Carrie Bradshaw at best, the last time I counted I was over 100 pairs, though I’d say only half were in steady rotation. Some, like the boots I made over here, are kept around for sentiment or as a future canvas.

Upcycled boots by Scraps Vanderbeek

I bought these lace-covered ankle boots for my first wedding way back in 1995. Since then they’ve been cooling their heels in my shoe closet just waiting for another chance to be in the spotlight.

Upcycled boots by Jenn Scraps Vanderbeek

After giving them a lift from white to “carribbean blue” with some fabric spray paint, it was time to ditch the same floral motif of the lace and go for some fun paisleys made with acrylic paint in light blue, cobalt blue, burnt umber, and titanium white. I paired the existing laces with some hemp and created new little aglets with washi tape to keep the ends together as well as making the lacing easier. Finally, I dressed up the cuff with some lace and some brown deco mesh I had in my stash.

Amusingly enough, the deco mesh was left over from my wedding last fall. Circle of life?

Upcycled boots by Jenn Scraps Vanderbeek

If you’d like to try your hand at turning a pair of shoes into object d’art, keep a few things in mind:
* Fabric-covered uppers will provide a more flexible, receptive surface for paints and other media. Leather and plastic-based materials might require some extra prepping.
* Boots and hi-tops will give you a bigger canvas to create upon but don’t discount the possibilities that a pair of strappy sandals could present.
* Decide pretty early on if your art shoes are meant to be worn post-transfiguration or merely for display. Choose your materials carefully and make sure your designs can be sealed and protected if you plan to wear them.

altered upcycled boots by Jenn Scraps Vanderbeek

Do you have any would-be canvases hanging out in your closet? Shoes or otherwise? Let’s see what you can create with them. And if you’re needing a bit of extra inspiration, check out my blog today for a podcast full of music to create to with a definite twang, also inspired by this month’s challenge.

Wishing you creative days,


Hi Alchemists, ’tis Lara here!

This month I did something a little out of my comfort zone. Shabby Chic, while gorgeous and rather luxurious, is not my usual go to place while creating. But, a couple of months ago I got me a sewing machine and I’ve been curious what it would look like to make a quilt of sorts out of the yards and yards of lace I’ve collected over the years.

mixed media lace sewing by Lara Wineman

Of course, like most of my projects, it always evolves into something different. In this case, the “quilt” decided to become more mixed media and grungy. You can take a girl out into the shabby, but you can’t take the shabby out of the grunge… or something like that…

mixed media lace sewing by Lara Wineman

So, I’ve sewn lace and punchinella together and then sewed all that on top of a shopping bag with old newspaper type print on it. Over that I just embellished the crap out of it with more hand-sewing using floss, staples, washi tape, buttons and a flower. Then cut it into some hearts, because, who doesn’t like hearts.

mixed media lace sewing by Lara Wineman

See you next month y’all!