Mixed media on-the-go


Hi, it’s Vesna!  I am being crafty in rainy Seattle where I have been for the last week on an assignment from my day job.  Like many artists I carry a small on-the-go journal.  But when you have to be away from home for 10 days, a journal doesn’t always cut it.  And I don’t want to pack to much stuff, it’s not fun going through airport security.

Here are some of the supplies I take when I have to be away from home for an extended period: a pad of Bristol paper, a watercolor set, some ephemera, coloring pencils/markers, washi tape, glue, small scissors, small embroidery kit.  Sounds like a lot, but aside form the Bristol pad, the rest I fit in a small lunch box (yes, one of those tin lunch boxes, this one with Spider-Man on it).

I want to share two projects with you: one with supplies I brought and the other with supplies I found during travel.

Collaged tags

This is a fun and easy project for anyone, and it doesn’t require too many supplies.

I stained some shipping tags with a bag of tea.  In my hotel room I’d have a cup of tea before bed time.  I sandwiched the tea bag in between the tags after I was done with the tea.  The next day when they dried up I used some of my ephemera (I brought a stack of postage stamps from real snail mail letters I’ve received in the past), a little bit of washi tape, strips of bias tape, I made a few marks with coloring pencils and voila!

Postage stamps

Collaged tags

And now for the other project: Paper Beads!

Whenever you travel look for touristy attraction fliers.  These can be found at the airport or a hotel lobby or sometimes at local restaurants.  You’ve seen them, those racks with pamphlets of local attractions, where to go, what to do.  Well next time grab a stack, the more colorful the better.

Cut them in 1″ strips and trim the strips into long wedges.  After that all you need is a round tooth pick and some glue.  Start rolling the paper on to your toothpick from the wider end of the wedge.  When you come to the last 1/2 inch put some glue and close your paper bead.

Paper beads

Paper beads

Paper beads

On this trip I didn’t bring additonal supplies to turn the paper beads into wearable art.  I have been a bit obsessed lately with making jewelry with paper beads.  You may see some of the jewelry I’ve made on my personal blog.

All for now!  Have fun!!!



Exploring Mixed Media


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Perhaps you are new to mixed media…lured in from the scrapbooking or card making world. Or perhaps you are a seasoned expert on mixed media techniques. Well, for the remainder of the year, our Alchemists are going to be sharing their favorite tips, tricks and techniques for creating mixed media art.

I love this simple technique for altering magazine photos from former Alchemist Dana Tatar:


Full tutorial HERE

So, what would you like to learn? Is there a certain media that has always intimidated you?

We want to hear about it! Leave a comment on this post and let us know what you would like to learn more about!

And stay tuned all month for fantastic tips that you can add to your creative art making.

Shabby mixed media pendants

Hi, everyone! Today me, Viktoriya Porechnaya, is here. And I hope to inspire you creating something magical this month.

p1I made these shabby mixed media pendants from Gauche Alchemy stuff from my happy mail box. The spools and chipboard are from the UNDRESSED kit, but you can certainly use items from your own stash!

What I used: wooden spools, pieces of fabric and lace, grunge chipboards, brads, pins and jewelry embellishments. Light acrylic paints are used as well!

p2Paint spools and chipboard with white paint

p3Add pink and blue tones on it

p4Wind strips of  fabric and laces onto spools and pin itp5

Insert and turn bijou pins


p8Make holes and put brads in crowns

p7Glue wings and crowns using glue gun

p8Add beads and charms for pendants and to the chain. Some paint touches make it shabby.

p9p9p10Finally you have great handmade pendants!

p11Thanks for reading! I had fun, and hope that I’ve inspired you to create some pendants of your own.




The Bewitching Bird Bottle- Apothecary Art


The Bewitching Bottle


Hey y’all its me (Chantal) on the blog today. Our theme for this month is curiosities and apothecaries. Collecting apothecary bottles is one of my favorite treasures to find.  I love old vintage apothecary bottles-small and worn, with a hint of a label from by gone days. I also love new “apothecary’ bottles with unique shapes, cork lids, clear glass…..and all contain possibility.  Realizing the potential in this repurposed balsamic vinegar bottle, I started  with swirling paints in the bottle which  created the mysterious potion inside.  And then adding ICE Resin®, stickers, feathers, bezels and a bird (bezel), twisted punchinella and even a tulle pompom, this apothecary bottle became the perfect addition to the bewitching hour. Gather a few supplies and let’s get started creating your very own …Bewitching Bird Bottle.


Twisted punchinella adds the perfect amount of magic.



Bottle – new or vintage

Acrylic paints – silver and black or desired colors

Halloween stickers – Vintage or new

Glue stick

Bezels (2)

Bird Bezel

Metal embellishment – desired shapes ( I used a brass wing)

Feathers (5) – I used my hens’ feathers


Tulle pompon (found in the $ section of Target)

ICE Resin®, mixed and prepared according to package directions

Glue gun, glue sticks

Strong glue dots

Black ribbon

Thin guage wire



*Pour acrylic paints in bottle and swirl to coat. Turn upside down and place in a disposable tray to dry.

**Tip:  If the paint is too thick- add a little water, so it will swirl around.


The Bottle before the embellishments and the paint has dried.

*For the Bezels, cut stickers to fit inside and place inside the bezels with a little bit of adhesive.

* Mix the ICE Resin® according to manufacturer’s directions. Pour slowly into bezels.

**For the bird bezel, add a little black acrylic paint to the ICE Resin and stir to incorporate the paint. Pour slowly into the bird bezel

**Let bezels dry for 8-10 hours.



*Adhere the bird bezel with a small amount of ICE Resin® or a very strong adhesive. Let dry.

*With small bezel and wire, wire wrap the bezel to the opening of the bird.



Wire wrapped bezel

*Using strong glue dots, adhere the main bezel to the front of bottle.

*Tie black ribbon through the holes of the bezel and then around the bottle and back through the hole on the other side

*Cut a wide strip of the punchinella. Twist to create a messy look and then adhere with hot glue.

*Next embellish with pompom, metal charms and feathers



Another view of the bottle….


Another Close up!

I hope that I’ve inspired you to create something of your own!

What Are Curiosities . . .

. . . something strange or fascinating 
. . .  a rare or strange object; curio


Even just the word makes me giddy, conjures up all sorts of ideas although I’ve been having a difficult time trying to come up with a post!


I finally decided I’d share some of my curiosities and a peak into my creative space.  I have to apologize for the photos.  It is very difficult to take decent photos in my room.

Vintage dolls can be kind of creepy . . .




Of course I had to find a way to display all the little odds and ends I’ve collected . . .this drawer already had the dividers in it, perfect!



A letterpress drawer . . .


A girl can never have too many keys . . .

I also love collecting totes, especially ones with cubby holes, great place for displaying/storing your curiosities.


I hope you’ve enjoyed a little peek into what makes me tick . . .



Wishing you all a very spooktacular Halloween!!