I must Remember This…

Peg here :-)

After much deliberation it has come my time to step down from the awesomeness that is the Gauche Alchemy team. I have had the greatest ride here with all the girls and Gauche Mamas over the last 3 years, it truly has been the best team evah! I am so grateful to them all for their friendship, camaraderie, and support, and will definitely be keeping in touch with this family. And now on to my final post…..

I’m a fan of the steampunk style. I love the metals, grunge, and vintage look of it so was definitely up for this challenge even though I had no idea what to do. I’m a die-hard scrapbooker but had nothing. No suitable photos, or story to tell, I was a little lost. But then I stumbled across this UFO (unfinished object) in my art room. It started out as a white pine headstone, no doubt an item for a Halloween makeover, alas that was not to be. I had already added the silver and black and had the printed poem sitting on top of it so as to someday join the two together. After seeing this video on Facebook last year I just knew I had to do something with it, so here it is, finally!

Look-upI used an envelope and ledger card from the old Gauche Alchemy Nekkid Kit for the poem (there is a similar kit in the new shop here). A chipboard door from ?? supports the envelope so it won’t sag outwards. Some gorgeous punchinella with peacock hues chose my colour scheme. I used Tattered Angels Glams and Glazes for the blues and greens because they are transparent and dry waterproof.

closeI added some relevant bits and pieces, a chippy clock face (treated with peacock embossing powder) and zipper-pull with ‘Live’ on it, some bling and a metal thingy that looks like it’s made of feathers.

side-coloursI used splats of yellow and orange paint on the sides to give the feel of lichen growing there.

backAnd found this embellishment from Prima in my stash which was just so fitting for a little reminder on the back.

Man it felt good to finish this project which had been sitting around for months waiting for direction! So….. I showed you mine, now you show me yours :-) link it up here on our blog, then come visit us here on our FB page to keep in touch.

Thanks heaps for coming by and a sad farewell from me xx

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The Moon Has 5 Faces

Greetings and Salutations! Scraps, here, with a new set of decorations for our home Halloween display courtesy of this month’s inspiration board!

Halloween is our absolute favorite holiday between my husband and I and we enjoy decorating the yard and front rooms for it. When I saw this month’s challenge I immediately knew I was homing in on those great old moon faces in that late 19th/early 20th century style.

moon phases home decor by Scraps Vanderbeek

To make my moons I first used a bit of ‘work smarter, not harder’ ingenuity and picked up a 6-pack of 16″ cake circles. Sure, having just recently moved, we have oodles of cardboard boxes around that I could have cut up, but cutting smooth circles can send a perfectionist flying over the cuckoo’s nest, so I opted for convenience.

cake circles turned moon phases by Scraps Vanderbeek

The second thing to note about these moons is that while I was going for the old black and white look, to have simply used black and white paint would have looked more stark and modern than aged. Instead, I used antique white (painted on the uncoated side of the cake circles) as my base, and then built up the shadows and lines with gradually more burnt sienna mixed into my antique white (with a little ivy green mixed into the final batch for the night sky bits).

painted moon shadows by Scraps Vanderbeek

painted moon faces by Scraps Vanderbeek

moon phases home decor by Scraps Vanderbeek

Deciding that the sky portions of the half and crescent moons were too plain as-is, I added twinkling stars to those areas in a somewhat random scattering. I stuck to paint but sequins or crystals would have also worked a treat.

painted moons home decor by Scraps Vanderbeek

Now, you might wonder why I opted for 5 moon phase faces and the simple reason is that we have 5 windows along the front of our house and I wanted one to hang in each of the upstairs windows. And, to better facilitate the spookiness of these gazers, I painted over the main features and the stars with glow-in-the-dark paint. It goes on more-or-less clear so no one will see anything “off” in the daylight, but at night the faces should peer eerily from behind our wavy-glass panes.

glow in the dark painted moons by Scraps Vanderbeek

Finally, I added hangers of olive green grosgrain ribbon to the back of the moons with T’s of packing tape and hung the moons in the windows with the help of suction cupped hooks. (The “candles” on the sill are made of pvc pipe, check out this instructable for the how to.)

moon phases home decor by Scraps Vanderbeek

Remember, you’ve still got a couple of weeks to get your own luna-tic projects in for a chance at the prize!

Halloween home decor by Scraps Vanderbeek

~~Wishing you creative days and spooky nights~~

To the Moon!

Hi everyone! Alchemist Marilyn here and with a theme involving the moon and it being the month of October, well I just couldn’t resist. I HAD to create a couple of moon-themed Halloween projects. Being an October birthday girl, it’s in my blood. Bwahahahahaha!

Halloween ATC by Marilyn Hughes

For Moon Cat, I started with a black ATC and stamped my images in white ink. I first stamped the stars and the moon (embossing the moon) and then masked over them and stamped the wording. Add a fence from UmWowStudios, a black cat from Retro Cafe Art Gallery, and a pumpkin from Unique Laser Designs and I have a cute little Halloween ATC.

Halloween tag by Marilyn Hughes

For my Spooky Ghost tag, I once again started with a black base. I used a template to draw my big moon and then some white acrylic paint to color it in. The sayings are stenciled in white ink (from Retro Cafe Art Gallery) and I bordered two sides of the tag with some Halloween themed washi tape. Next I took a bat, tree and several ghosts (from Unique Laser Designs), painted them appropriately, then applied them to my tag. A cute little owl charm with red Stickles eyes sits in the branch of the tree. The jack-o-lanterns along the left side of my stash were some buttons I found hanging out in my stash.

While I went the Halloween route with my project, you don’t have to. Let the moon, stars, lovers, and words guide you to the perfect project. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Until later………

Positive Scrapping

Howdy Alchemists, Lisa here…

Last blog update for a while and I thought I would leave you with some positive scrapping. A few years ago I completed the 365 day self portrait challenge. Well , suffice to say I have printed a few and still have a couple laying around here and there.

mixed media mini album by Lisa Oxley

mini album by Lisa Oxley

mini album by Lisa Oxley

So I thought I would throw together a little album about me. For the book itself I cut a piece of white corrugated 12”x12” cardstock and started with that. I then folded 3 sheets of cardstock, stuck them back to back, painted the pages roughly and made a little book. Out comes the Gauche goodness packs and the fun begins.

mini album by Lisa Oxley

mini album by Lisa Oxley

mini album by Lisa Oxley

Creative Love and Inspired Mojo to all those in blog World.
Lisa aka Scrapwitch

Namaste Art Journal Page

Lara here!

I’m actually on a spa resort vacation right now but not only did I bring my art journal, but also my Gelli plate, punchinella and other various stencils, some tape, glue stick and a small ephemera bag. As I greeted the morning I wanted to make a gratitude page so I used the punchinella as stencil and collaged it all together.

Namaste to us all.