How to Create a Floral Fresco

Hi, everyone! Viktoriya Porechnaya is here. Today I would like to share with you some mixed media tips and secrets about creating  this extraordinary fresco

mix1mix2So we need sheet of canvas or burlap, acrylic putty, spatula and acrylic paints to create fresco background

mix4First, spread putty on canvas  with spatula in a uniformly thin layermix5mix5Let it dry some hours.Then you can bend the canvas sheet carefully to create many cracks.

mix6Start to paint surface with liquid acrylic paint. Be messy- have fun!

mix7Then remove wet paint using wet napkin or fabric sheet– baby wipes work well also. Make it carefully because you can remove the putty layer.Cracks becomes visible and have a color.

mix8mix9Then do the same with other tone of paint

mix10mix11Repeat these steps until you like it. You can add other colors for your background.For example, I added blue paint to my brown tones

Now time for stamping! Use acrylic paints instead ink to create a different effect.

mix12mix13I created floral field for my fresco

mix14mix15After it we need to create “roots” – use strings from canvas sheets

mix16Paint it using brown mist and dry

mix16Create “ground with roots” – use texturing paste for it

mix16mix17Add some textural elements- I used sand and small stones. See what you can find around your home; small beads, or even something from nature!

mix18mix19Let it dry or dry by heating tool and paint it

mix20Floral fresco is ready!

mix21Some details and textures

mix21mix25mix26mix27Thanks for your attention ! And I hope you catch your  inspirational mood to create something new!









Embroidery hoops assemblage art


Scientific Illustration, 1954 textbook

Insects intrigue me, although I am grossed out by most of them, except for the pretty ones, like butterflies or bees.  I don’t dare to touch one, unless they are in a non-scary form of a stamp, then I can use them in my artwork.

I especially like to use stamps on Shrinky Dink plastic.  It’s always fun to watch the plastic shrivel and shrink, and the image become smaller and saturated.  And so the main focus in these embroidery hoops are the insects, stamped on Shrinky Dink, and assembled with silk, lace and embroidery stitches.

Materials and tools:

Shrinky Dink

Ink: StazOn permanent – black


Silk and lace scraps

Embroidery thread

Sewing machine

Embroidery hoops

Saftey pins (7Gypsies)



1/8″ hole punch



Stamp your images on to the Shrinky Dink plastic.  Punch holes around the edges and bake according to the package instructions.

Insects assemblage art

Cut a piece of muslin about 1″ larger than the baked shrinky dink.  Layer silk and lace scraps and stitch it either by hand or on your sewing machine.

Insects assemblage art

Insects assemblage art

Secure your shrinky dink on to the collaged muslin by using embroidery thread and stitching through the holes you punched earlier.

Insects assemblage art

Insects assemblage art

Stretch muslin on an embroidery hoop and use safety pins to attach your mini assemblage.  Secure further with using a couple of stitches on the bottom corner. Tie up ribbon on the top of your embroidery hoop.

And you are done!!

Insects assemblage art

Insects assemblage art




A Mini Curiosity

Hello my creative lovelies, Jackie here again. This time with a quick little curiosity you can make to add to your collection.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Let’s get started!

Adhere the wire to one dragonfly, let it dry, then adhere the other dragonfly to the other side — Sandwiching the wire between the two.


Bend out the wings slightly. Color the entire area, front and back, with Stream alcohol ink. Remove excess with a cotton swab, and let it dry. Color the tips of all the wings with Lettuce alcohol ink. Remove the excess and let it dry.


Using the Perfect Medium pen, cover the body of the dragonfly and random parts of the wings. Quickly cover the entire piece with sticky embossing powder and heat with a heat tool. Apply foil to the sticky areas.


About an inch from the top of the dragonfly bend the wire 90 degrees, and coil the bottom around to form a stand. Secure it to the dome base with hot glue, and use the glue gun to add the citrine bead chips around the base of the dragonfly.



Secure the dome to the base with Glossy Accents, let dry, and… You’re done!


I hope you’ll give this quick project a try, and if you do, please share it with us on Facebook, or tag us on Instagram — @creationsbyjsheri and @gauchealchemy.

Until next time!


Altered Tin – Sewing Studio

It’s me again Bea from bee’s atelier. I hope to I can bring you some inspiration with tiny little things.

This month’s theme is CURIOSITIES…we’re thinking shrines, 3 dimensional pieces, assemblage. Fun fun!

I love tiny things and love making them, also it can be a challenge sometimes. Especially when you have the feeling the fingers are too big….

With this broad theme, I guess an altered tin with a Mini Sewing Studio fits in here.


My idea was just vague, so I grabbed all kind of materials, I thought I may use. That’s the way I roll. I know some people have a real plan to start with and follow along that. I remember in Art school, my best friend was that way. I always admired here for that and told her that one day. She bursted out in laughter and told  me she would love to be like me, just following the mood. So which way are you?
I think in the end it doesn’t matter, there are just different approaches.


Here some of the materials I might use for my sewing studio in a tin.


I have painted the outside with some structure paste, you could use plain acrylic paint instead.
Next I covered the bottom and the lid with some patterned paper and added laces around the sides.


Here the finshed dresses are already in, next I have to work on the dressform


I did cut the dressform several time to stack them, this gives more dimension.


and here a closeup for the dresses on the hanger.

and here you can find the video, where you can follow along the whole process:

I hope you enjoy and give it a try too. Til next time.


Going with the Flow- Mixed Media Tag



Hello from Ohio!

When I received my Mixed Ephemera Paper Pack from Gauche Alchemy, I fell in love with this tag.  I didn’t want to use it until the perfect idea hit me.  Guess what???  I’ve got it!


I began by slapping on some modeling paste.  I didn’t take my time.  I don’t care about the blue that made it’s way into the paste.  I sprayed it with some orange ink, anyway.  dscn1459


Once my modeling paste was dry, I pulled out some items I knew I wanted to use.  This was my vision.  I was going to write the word “ART” inside the tickets, and it was going to be awesome!  dscn1463

I LOVED how I had decided to embellish the tag, so I began gluing the punchinella down.  Once I had the snowflake punchinella glued, I decided to add some creepy black netting.  I really like the look it adds.

Look at that little round “31” on the bottom.  That wasn’t supposed to go there.  It wasn’t a part of my vision.  dscn1472

Another small piece of ephemera made it’s way to the top right corner of my tag, somehow.  It’s alright, I guess.  I like adding twine to my work, especially underneath the focal point.  I put a small flower in the center of the twine circle to help hold my guy in place.dscn1474

I knew that this little guy needed some kind of background.  Although this is NOT AT ALL the route I thought I was going to be taking this tag, I wanted to incorporate my original ideas, so I grabbed the gray handmade paper that was in my first setup.  dscn1475

I needed a little something under the Kitty.  Again, I went back to my first idea.  I chose to add the cork star.  I found this wonderful “Poison” label, added some black ink to the edges, and popped it on top of the star.  Having the WORD “Poison” made me think I better add some ACTUAL poison.  I went for a small apothecary bottle and filled it with green Stickles.   dscn1477

Tags just aren’t complete without a string, ribbon, or lace.  I decided on a wide black lace.  I secured it with jute cord and added a little key.  I’m not sure why, really, but I like it.

As you can see, this is not at all what I envisioned this tag would look like completed.  I ABSOLUTELY love it. dscn1480

Here are a few close up photos to show the details:dscn1482


I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get what I wanted.  But the more I look at it, the more I like it.  Sometimes, things take a turn in a different direction, and you just have to go with it.

Thank you all so very much for checking out this post.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.  Don’t forget to share your work over in Gauche Alchemy Studios on Facebook.  Check out some of our other projects on Instagram: @GaucheAlchemy.

Supplies used:


Snowflake Punchinella

Black Net

Gypsy Cord

Jute String


Paper Ephemera

Cork Star


Color Block Paper


Apothecary Bottle

Mixed Media Glue

Modeling Paste