Mixed Media Art Journal Page: Dream and Wish

Hi all, it is me again Bea from bee’s atelier. We all have Dreams and Wishes, I know so here is a little Art Journal Page I made for all the dream and wishes I have. I have been pretty busy lately and so I didn’t have a lot of time to do Art, but I managed to squeeze in an Art Journal Page. While I was working on the page, I was dreaming about a life just with Art….. But hey we all know it doesn’t work that way.


So I started in my Art Journal, which I have found in the thrift store. I have no idea what kind of paper it is, but it is rather lightweight so I have applied in advance Gesso to the page. ( In fact I have several pages already prepared with gesso in advance, so if the Muse strikes me I can start right away)

Next I started with some metallic acrylic paint.









I have used puncinella as stamps, and as you can see I have used the Big Shot with a Heart Steal rule dye for a Mask/Stencil tool. This technique is sometimes called reverse stenciling, where you apply color through the stencil and then you wipe it away with a damp Baby Wipe. This gives a different pattern than the normal applying through the stencil.


Next I lay out some sketchy leaves with a fineline applicator. I have filled the applicator with black acrylic paint and some slow drying medium.


Then I have painted the inside with acrylic paint again.


I have stamped this image on napking and on some cardstock. Next I have colored the image on the cardstock with Metalic watercolors and Inktense watercolor pencils. To adhere to the page I have used a mat gelmedium.


I do love splatters, but not everywhere, so I covered up the focal image with some scratch paper. I also added circles with Stazon Ink in black.


And here a closeup from the focal image, isn’t she fun?


If you want to see more of the whole process, you can watch here my video. Enjoy!









Color Palette Play

Hi there! This is Jackie, and I’m back with a little bit on the subject of mixed media tips and techniques.

I’ve been into mixed media for less than two years, so I consider myself a newbie. And as a newbie, one of the things I have a problem with is picking color palettes. Well, one day I ran across an Instagram account, and fell in love with all the color inspiration. Design Seeds’s posts are of beautiful color palettes inspired by nature, art, food — pretty much anything you can set your eyes on. I thought to myself, this just might be what I need to break out of my color palette comfort zone, and pinned it for later. Guess what, later just happens to be now. I decided to finally give one of their color palettes a try, and here is the color palette I chose.

{ Color View }
NOVEMBER 20, 2016


Just because Summer has left us (fickle little thing), doesn’t mean we can’t continue to play with her colors, right?! Here’s what I came up with.





I love the results, and can guarantee there will be more color palette play in the future. And here’s the process video in case you find yourself needing to waste a few minutes. *^_^*

I hope you enjoyed my little experiment. If you decide to give it a try, don’t forget to post it to the Gauche Alchemy Studios FB page, or tag us on Instagram (@gauchealchemy and @creationsbyjsheri)

Until next time!

♥ Jackie


Materials used:

Mixed Media Technique- Art Journaling 101

Although this post was originally shared last year, I think it’s the perfect post for our “Exploring Mixed Media” chapter here at Gauche Alchemy.

We hope that you are inspired to get out some collage and paint and get messy. Enjoy!

Hi friends! Alchemist Rebecca here to share with you a little tutorial on how to start art journaling! Art Journaling is something I discovered by accident about five or six years ago! I started out scrapbooking, then found altered books and then my altered books turned into art journals! Art Journaling is a blast and I hope this post inspires you to try it!!!


Alright let’s get messy!!! I always start my pages out with some black and white type papers as well as my current favorite gold tissue paper; both of which came from our UNDRESSED Mixed Media kit! I tear my papers up and randomly glue them to my page!

image (1) image (2)

I then add Gesso (white paint if you don’t have any) all over the page with a palette knife (or old card)! I am a big fan of texture and this just does the job, its like frosting a cake!!

image (3) image (4) image (5)

I use an old room key or credit card to swipe paint all over the page, the flat surface of the card gets into all the crevasses of the textured back ground and adds some more as well! I love doing this particular technique because its quick, easy and dries fast! Plus it looks pretty awesome too!

image (10)

Ok now comes the fun part; decorating your page! There are so so many options here but this is kind of my process! I like to add some pattern and contrast (the plus signs, hearts and splatter!!) Then I like to find a focal point..


image (9)

In this case it was these two hearts I cut from my (overwhelmingly large) stack of painted papers! I also added some gold triangles around the page to add some cohesion!

image (7)

Found some cute gold stickers, added some washi tape and little circles and viola! My art journal page is complete! So how do you know your page is complete? My trick is to move around the page and just kind of trial and error it so to speak, if I try a few things and it just feels like nothing else fits then I go with it and call it a day!

image (6)

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and decide to jump in and try art journaling, there are so many possibilities

and really no wrong way to do it! So go for it girl take the leap!

Also, visit our online SHOP for some great mixed media kits and supplies to start you on your way.

Count the Happies – A Happiness Journal by Chantal Johnson


Count the Happies Journal

It’s another happy day in Texas and I am hoping it is a happy day where you are! This month our Design Team theme was art and words, I thought that nearly every project of mine whether it is art, jewelry, or embroidery has words. Perhaps crocheting is the one where there are no actual words on the finished piece but many words have been said about it. So I thought this would be a piece of cake…but after 4 different attempts to show a new way with words….I decided to write about words and then see what would come from it….Here’s is an excerpt from my journal entry and a few suggestions on how to we could use our words….


“…Words bring life-

                                    *Good news brings hope

                                    *A kind word turns away anger

                                    *Words are like apples of gold in settings of silver.

*Words can make you soar, fly or stay.


What am I to do with my words?…


  • Speak words of blessing over you, your family, your friends, your life and even those who may be a little difficult
  • Speak words of affirmation to others
  • Speak words of acceptance to those who struggle, who are alone and who are searching
  • Give compliments to those who need reassurance, who are doing a good jour and especially those who are trying.

 And as always, give words of permission to those who want to create, to try something new and different.

 Let my words be the ones who give others wing to soar and a heart full of happiness.”

 After journaling, I finally came to the conclusion that counting the happies in my life is one way to see words come to life, and so I created a Happiness journal. I loved using the sheet of reproduction vintage images from one of My Gauche Alchemy Kits as well as stickers that had been purchased a long time ago (probably for another project..). Also on this journal cover is Vintage paper, Hand made stamped paper and ICE Resined paper. The background is a stencil screen and when I lifted it up, it created a very cool look for the cover…



Cool background before I covered it….


I loved the rose from the stencil screen on the manila folder tag. I painted white acrylic before using the stencil screen.

But then I covered it…that’s the way of the Collage. So I continued on creating places for words… hopefully this will bring inspiration and encouragement to you as you find a way to bring words to life in your art projects.


These images are beautiful and are so wonderfully reproduced! I also love the paper that has the doily background- Great Gauche Alchemy Kits


Here are some tips to get started on counting the Happies in your life.




*Decide on a color theme, a focal image or a sentiment stamp to begin.


*Choose Background papers, Vintage papers and stickers.


**This is a great way to use the stickers from other projects to use them as focal images, to draw out the words or the thoughts you want to convey


*Collect inks, paints, stencils and punches to create the layers necessary for the journal cover.


A fun way to create your own paper backgrounds to use as die cuts or punches…randomly stamp images (with various ink colors) on piece of card stock.

*The vintage little girl came on a sheet with many other vintage images, using tiny scissors cut around the image cutting most of the white edges. This could be referred to as “fussy cutting” but it is so worth it to have the image very clear and defined.


*Adhere the largest layer first and then begin to build. This is a very personal layering process. See what is pleasing to the eye and when you think you are done but aren’t quite sure…stop for a few moments, walk away and come back. You will realize that you were done as you first had thought. …Collage building is to know when enough is perfect!


A close up of the die cut numbers with ICE Resined paper as the background …Love this look!


The outside of this journal is a great way to combine the love of paper, paint and words. The inside of the journal will be a great way to combine the love of words and the love of life’s little moments of joy and happiness…. What makes you happy? Let’s journal together and count the Happies….1, 2, 3,…..




Chantal lives in Rowlett, Texas and is married to Scott. They have three children, 3 dogs and 5 sweet little hens. Her work has been published in Somerset Studio, Somerset Home, Sew Somerset, Apronology, Haute Handbags, Belle Armoire and Green Craft.   She is currently on the ICE Resin® 2016 Design Team, the Gauche Alchemy Design Team and the Bella Crafts Publications. She loves working with such wonderful people in this art community!  For teaching engagements, you may contact her directly at chantal515@verizon.net. Visit her blog at chantaljohnson.blogspot.com or become her friend on Facebook to see her latest inspirations and see the joy in daily living.



Today I place a bubble of happiness …

Hi all, it’s me again Bea from bee’s atelier. I hope you had a wonderful summer, now we are already looking again into fall, that was quick. So here I’m with my next project a journal page. A quick and easy one.

People around me, know that I love quotes. They just sum up, what I think sometimes is hard to explain. I guess I inherited that from my Grandma, she always made us smile with her sayings and quotes. So of coures the october theme with Art and quotes fits me perfect.

I did find this quote on Pinterest. I browse Pinterest and other Social Media quite often instead of watching TV. So when I run across this quote about the bubble I knew immediately I want to make an Art journal page with bubbles.

There are times when you have to hide oneself a little, what better then in a dazzling, colorful bubble. And the good thing about bubbles, you still can see through…

Let’s get in action


I started my page by simply adding Gesso through a stencil with bubbles, circles what ever you wanna call it…IMG_4011

I then did make a colorful background with all kind of acrylic colors, from metallic to matt, from heavy body to more liquid ones. I have used a plastic card and my fingers. I like to use the fingers, I have the idea it gives me more control over the paint.


On my computer I have printed the quote and some bubbles on a transparent tracingpaper. I usualle print out more then what I think I gonna need. Just in case I mess up…


Next I have added with a home made stencil (from some packaging) a lady with some black acrylic color. Then I have cut out the bubbles and did use a black permanent marker for the edges before I gonna glue them onto the pages.


I have used Mod Podge Glitter and Mod Podge matt to glue on the bubbles. Next I did go around the circles with a black marker again, touched up the lady a bit and made some scribbly borders along the edges of the page.


IMG_4019 Kopie

To see the whole process you can also watch my video. Enjoy


til next time