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Wandering Soul Mixed Media Book

Heather here! This is one of my all time favorite projects EVER, created by the uber talented Kristie Taylor. She incorporates many mixed media techniques and layers to create this incredible project. Please see all the detailed instructions and photos and prepare to get SUPER inspired!!!


Hello all you artsy peeps!! Kristie Taylor here with a little something special for you. Today I will show you how I used the brand spanking new “Wandering soul book kit” which you can find in the awesome new Gauche Alchemy store here: Wandering soul. I also used some of the Punchinella as texture for the background. Let me show you how I made this cover, then in another post, we will go over how to create the inside pages.

Here is my completed project:


Now let me show you how I did it, so that you can carry your creative soul in to your awesome crafty space and create your own!

Measure the book cover included in your kit, and cut a piece of sturdy chipboard 1″x the same height. position the pieces as shown here, Make sure to leave a space between each piece, this will allow the book to open and close properly.


Use tape to adhere the pieces together, I used masking tape, but duct tape or packing tape will also work.


Flip the book over and fold the edges of the tape around to the inside of the book. Then add more tape to the inside and fold the edges to the outside. Use a bone folder to make sure the tape is adhered well.


Open and close the book several times to make sure it works well. This is the time to fix it if it doesn’t work right. Just cut the tape and start over if you need to.


Use the map included in the kit to cover part or all of your book. Snip the corners as shown and fold inward. Use a strong glue to adhere the map to the book cover.


Snip the binding part as shown and adhere with a strong glue.


Adhere the lace that is included in the kit to the binding part of the book. fold the edges inward and adhere that as well. This will give the bending part of your binding strength, as well as some awesome texture! :)


Now its time to get DOWN AND DIRTY!! WOO HOO!! this my favorite part!! Use clear gesso to cover parts of the map.


Then use white gesso to cover the reaming parts of the map and the lace. You can set this aside to dry ORRRRR if you are impatient like me, then just get our your handy dandy heat tool and WAAAAALAAA its dry!


Cut the edges of the punchinella in a wavy pattern.(I despise straight edges!!)


Use a hot glue gun to adhere the punchinella to the cover, and adhere the strips that you cut off around the edges of the book. Its ok if they don’t go all the way around, this will provide more interest. (I promise it will be ok!! BREATHE and let it happen!!)


Now lets start adding some interest…. I took all kinds of things from my stash to add texture and interest to the cover. You can use anything! chipboard shapes, ticket stubs, jewelry findings, nuts, bolts, bath poof….. anything! Just glue it all down in a pleasing pattern and go with it!


Paint over all the awesome little thing that you glued down with a nice layer of gesso (It’s a surface prep that can be found in any art supply store) This will get the object ready to accept our colors.


Spray a brown spray ink onto the background, just around the flat part. I LOVE Art Anthology so that is what I used,  but you can use whatever you have on hand. This one is called “Cinnamon toast”.


Next use a blue/green spray ink I used Art Anthology “Peacock Feathers”.Apply with a paint brush to the raised parts of your design.


While it is still very wet, sprinkle on some clear embossing powder, then heat it with a heat tool until it melts. This will intensify the color and also seal it in so that it doesn’t change colors after our other colors go on.


Spray on a blue ink over everything, I used Art Anthology “Studio blue”. Dry this with a heat tool before moving forward.


Make sure to spray the back with the same colors and dry it with a heat tool too……….. unless you WANT to wait for it to dry……. BWAAHAHA YEA RIGHT!


Dip a fan brush into a white fluid acrylic paint and sprinkle onto the cover. Dry with the heat tool again….


Use your fingertips to apply a metallic rub like “rub and buff” to all the raised edges to make the shapes stand out.


Add some white flowers and you are all done! Doesn’t that look fab?!

DSCN3006 DSCN3009

Thank you so very much for stopping by! I hope you will go and order the Wandering soul kit and make yourself an awesome Travel journal!




Mixed Media Technique- Art Journaling 101

Although this post was originally shared last year, I think it’s the perfect post for our “Exploring Mixed Media” chapter here at Gauche Alchemy.

We hope that you are inspired to get out some collage and paint and get messy. Enjoy!

Hi friends! Alchemist Rebecca here to share with you a little tutorial on how to start art journaling! Art Journaling is something I discovered by accident about five or six years ago! I started out scrapbooking, then found altered books and then my altered books turned into art journals! Art Journaling is a blast and I hope this post inspires you to try it!!!


Alright let’s get messy!!! I always start my pages out with some black and white type papers as well as my current favorite gold tissue paper; both of which came from our UNDRESSED Mixed Media kit! I tear my papers up and randomly glue them to my page!

image (1) image (2)

I then add Gesso (white paint if you don’t have any) all over the page with a palette knife (or old card)! I am a big fan of texture and this just does the job, its like frosting a cake!!

image (3) image (4) image (5)

I use an old room key or credit card to swipe paint all over the page, the flat surface of the card gets into all the crevasses of the textured back ground and adds some more as well! I love doing this particular technique because its quick, easy and dries fast! Plus it looks pretty awesome too!

image (10)

Ok now comes the fun part; decorating your page! There are so so many options here but this is kind of my process! I like to add some pattern and contrast (the plus signs, hearts and splatter!!) Then I like to find a focal point..


image (9)

In this case it was these two hearts I cut from my (overwhelmingly large) stack of painted papers! I also added some gold triangles around the page to add some cohesion!

image (7)

Found some cute gold stickers, added some washi tape and little circles and viola! My art journal page is complete! So how do you know your page is complete? My trick is to move around the page and just kind of trial and error it so to speak, if I try a few things and it just feels like nothing else fits then I go with it and call it a day!

image (6)

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and decide to jump in and try art journaling, there are so many possibilities

and really no wrong way to do it! So go for it girl take the leap!

Also, visit our online SHOP for some great mixed media kits and supplies to start you on your way.

Exploring Mixed Media


photo credit


Perhaps you are new to mixed media…lured in from the scrapbooking or card making world. Or perhaps you are a seasoned expert on mixed media techniques. Well, for the remainder of the year, our Alchemists are going to be sharing their favorite tips, tricks and techniques for creating mixed media art.

I love this simple technique for altering magazine photos from former Alchemist Dana Tatar:


Full tutorial HERE

So, what would you like to learn? Is there a certain media that has always intimidated you?

We want to hear about it! Leave a comment on this post and let us know what you would like to learn more about!

And stay tuned all month for fantastic tips that you can add to your creative art making.