Fairy garden

Hello lovely gaucheettes!!

Kristie Taylor here with an awesome 3D mixed media project to share!

Todays project was also featured on the Art anthology blog, since I used lots and lots of those awesome paints.

I am sharing this here as well because it is a perfect way to show how using all kinds of odds and ends can become something beautiful!

Here is my project: I call it “Fairy garden”


Isnt it just lovely!!??

I started our with a canvas and flipped it around to use the backside, so it kind of makes a frame. I glued metal ribbon around the edges and foam coated chicken wire to the background. Once that was sent in place, I used wire and lots and lots of E6000 glue to adhere  a candle holder to the center. At this point, I knew that I needed a place for the main fairy to sit, so I glued a page from a wooden album onto the candle holder.

Then I started to paint….. now this looks awesome, but along the way it was several different colors before I found one I liked…. I LOVE blue/green/teal combo.. so I tend to use it a lot….no I mean LIKE A LOOOOOOOT!!!lol So I am trying to step out of my comfort zone and use other color combos… and sometimes this is very very challenging to me.. this was one of those times……………..

I started here.. two of the newer colors… and while they are very pretty, it just wasnt working to get the “feel” that I wanted, so whats a girl to do but gesso over it all and start again……………………………………………..



Then I changed gears a little and used some AA “Tigers eye.Amber and some Paprika” and I walked away to let it dry(kinda disgusted…lol … just sayin)


At this point, I still didnt like it, but decided to just go with it and see what happens….. so I added a LITTLE blue just to make myself feel better…………lmao!! (dont judge, i was having separation anxiety!)



Ok now I like the colors more, so I started adding handmade flowers using a beautiful collection from Heartfelt creations. and ribbon, lace,angel fibers, beads, pearls and so many things… and finally the fairies. and ended up with a gorgeous piece that I h=gave to a friend as a gift. She loved it!


Here are some close up shots:

DSCN2787 DSCN2788 DSCN2789 DSCN2784 DSCN2783 DSCN2780

Its one of my favorite assemblage projects.. I usually lean toward the dark stuff when it comes to assemblage, but this one took on a mind of its own, and to final projects is majical….. dont cha think?

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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Now go out and make some awesome something!

I must Remember This…

Peg here :-)

After much deliberation it has come my time to step down from the awesomeness that is the Gauche Alchemy team. I have had the greatest ride here with all the girls and Gauche Mamas over the last 3 years, it truly has been the best team evah! I am so grateful to them all for their friendship, camaraderie, and support, and will definitely be keeping in touch with this family. And now on to my final post…..

I’m a fan of the steampunk style. I love the metals, grunge, and vintage look of it so was definitely up for this challenge even though I had no idea what to do.¬†I’m a die-hard scrapbooker but had nothing. No suitable photos, or story to tell, I was a little lost. But then I stumbled across this UFO (unfinished object) in my art room. It started out as a white pine headstone, no doubt an item for a Halloween makeover, alas that was not to be. I had already added the silver and black and had the printed poem¬†sitting on top of it so as to someday join the two together. After seeing this video on Facebook last year I just knew I had to do something with it, so here it is, finally!

Look-upI used an envelope and ledger card from the old Gauche Alchemy Nekkid Kit¬†for the poem (there is a similar kit in the new shop here). A chipboard door from ?? supports the envelope so it won’t sag outwards. Some gorgeous punchinella with peacock hues¬†chose my colour scheme. I used Tattered Angels Glams and Glazes for the blues and greens because they are transparent and dry waterproof.

closeI added some relevant bits and pieces, a chippy clock face (treated with peacock embossing powder) and zipper-pull with ‘Live’ on it, some bling and a metal thingy that looks like it’s made of feathers.

side-coloursI used splats of yellow and orange paint on the sides to give the feel of lichen growing there.

backAnd found this embellishment from Prima in my stash which was just so fitting for a little reminder on the back.

Man it felt good to finish this project which had been sitting around for months waiting for direction! So….. I showed you mine, now you show me yours :-) link it up here¬†on our blog, then come visit us¬†here on our FB page to keep in touch.

Thanks heaps for coming by and a sad farewell from me xx

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The pale one draws near

Hello all you lovely Gauchettes!

Kristie Taylor here with a little Gauche goodness to share with you.

Sometimes its fun to do something a little different.

As most of you know by now, I love all things dark and spooky…. skulls, zombies,vampires…. etc etc..

So I made this some years ago and I wanted to share it here, simply because it is a little bit Gauche….in a dark mysterious way..lol

I call this “The pale one” it is a mixed media canvas I used TONS of different supplies to make her, and I think she is AWESOME!

Her hair is carefully carved texture paste, her wings are made from pieces of a lace nighty, and her dress is medical gauze.

“The Pale One”


The poem my lovely husband wrote for me,

And I think it compliments the artwork perfectly!

With lost empty eyes
THE PALE ONE draws near
decending with darkness
black heart bringing fear
Hell falls upon me
she touches my skin
ice talons tearing flesh
soul dying within
my terror has come
Devoid of all dreams
I have nothing left now

I know he is an amazing poet isnt he??
I love him.. I do!
So thanks honey for making the perfect poem to compliment my artwork.


So,, what do you think?

She is spooky but beautiful dont cha think?

Leave me some blog lovin and let me know!

Now go make something awesome!!

Peace out chicas!!

DSCN3299 DSCN3295

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Simple Halloween Decor!

Why hellooooo to all of our crafty fatales out there!  Gauche Mama Chrissy here and boy do I have a super easy, INEXPENSIVE, fun, crafty, INEXPENSIVE, festive, functional and did I say INEXPENSIVE project for you today.

It’s Halloween time right? ¬†Everyone is running around trying to put together costumes, plan parties, load up on sugary goodness and such. ¬†We often forget the decor part until it’s pretty much too late and by then, you end up saying, “Eff it! ¬†It’s too expensive! ¬†I’ll try again next year.” ¬†Guilty!

We here at Gauche Alchemy believe in making cool shiz at low cost. ¬†Even better, we love to breathe new life into old or plain things because we are all ballahz on a budget! ¬†Check out what I did with a witch’s hat and a broom that I picked up at our base exchange.


Cute right? ¬†But there’s more.


How cool are these? ¬†A simple witch’s hat turned Halloween Glam and a witch’s broom made all cute and shiiiiiiz. ¬†Wanna know how much it all cost me to do? ¬†A whopping $20. ¬†That’s right.

Let’s take a closer look.


A single floral spray shoved into the broom part of the…well, broom can add so much.


Who doesn’t love houndstooth? ¬†Some orange ribbon to hide the unsightly stick from the spray and a fancy schmancy bow to finish it off makes this “compact car” too adorable to just put away!


That wonderful lacy goodness is actually a veil that came as part of the hat.  Just bunch it up, glue with some hot glue and fluff.


Another really cute floral spray that I just glued to the hat adds a haunting yet glam look to an otherwise boring ol’ hat. ¬†Just jazz it up with some rhinestone eyes!

Pretty neat stuff right? ¬†It’s okay to bust out the old and make it new. ¬†It makes things unique, new, and helps to not break the bank on decorations. ¬†The cool part with both of these is that should anyone in the family want to dress up as witch, they are functional costume props! ¬†More bang for the ballah buck!

Thanks for taking a look and don’t forget to link up your projects using this month’s mood board!