Childlike inspiration, and a Challenge Update

Gauche Momma Heather here! I hope that by now you have all seen the colorful inspiration board for September. If not, here it is in all its magical glory:

September 2015I have to admit that these past few months, I have been in a creative rut. Why, I’m not sure. I think many artists feel the need to create with an end product in mind; we overthink until we are paralyzed or simply hate what is on the canvas in front of us. My 10 year old daughter never seems to have this problem. She draws freely for hours. This spontaneity often leads her to larger creative ideas. For instance, after viewing our prompt, she decided to make these mini sculptures– aren’t they cute???

Tanith sculpturesThe next time you’re feeling less than inspired, take a look at the children in your life! For me, they are the perfect reminder to slow down and enjoy playing again!

ALSO, WE FIXED OUR BROKEN SUBMISSION LINK. We hope that you join us on this month’s challenge!




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