Rock out with your … travel … out

Lara here!

I would have to say that a large percentage of my travel is motivated by a rock show. There are several bands/musicians I will fly to different parts of the world to see. I like to experience the different audiences, the different cultures, even the difference in shows for that musician.

I am trying to get back into scrapbooking. I started out as a traditional scrapbooker about 15 years ago, then started using more found objects and non-traditional material which led me to become more of the mixed media artist I am now, and I abandoned the scrapbooking. I miss the record keeping of it, and printing the photos. All my photos live as bits and bytes these days, and there’s something so magical about being able to hold a photo from days past.

So, I’ve had a pretty crazy summer, and I decided that this was my impetus to scrapbook again.


A part of my summer was seeing my favorite band, U2. A couple of times in a couple of cities. Perfect inspiration to start my new scrapbook!

I have an American Crafts D-Ring 8″x8″ scrapbook (These are my favorite because they’re super versatile and expandy) and I’ve vowed not to buy a single paper or embellishment. You know what works perfect? GELLI PRINTS! Especially ones that did not come out well, so hiding parts is not a big deal. For the above spread I also did an image transfer on both sides and then collaged the tickets and wristbands. I stapled most of the pieces because glue can cause concert tickets to discolor over time.


The next spread i used “under paper” – I always keep my desk covered with paper to catch spills and splatters and to clean paint brushes, brayers and stamps. So thats what these are – a couple months worth of unwasted paint. I made sure to journal on these pages too – that’s something I’m very weak at. However, having just looked back at scrapbooks I made a decade ago that were just photos; I thought at the time I would remember everything just from the photo, I now know that’s not true.


This is another “underpaper” used, but I wanted to show it because it’s about a project near and dear to my heart – African Well Fund – which is a non-profit i helped create in 2002. For 13 years we have been raising money for clean water projects in Africa and our largest fundraiser of the year is called “Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday.” Each year I make a card that houses donors messages that we send to Bono’s management (Although this year I was able to hand it to him in person) and I’m really proud of the card I made this year out of old bike gears. If you want to read more about that visit my blog.

Last thing about “under paper” – I’ve now learned not to use both sides of the paper! Because it turns out so cool it’s hard to figure out which side to sacrifice! For the layout above it was this:

Thanks for looking at my scrapbook pages and I love seeing everyone’s take on the challenge of “travel” this month!


  1. Love this Lara!
    Memory keeping at its best and purest, all the fine messy details in your backgrounds which embellish beautifully the details in your stories. Perfect!

  2. Karen L K says:

    Very cool. I scrapbook but the music part really caught my attention on this. So cool that you got to meet members of U2. I love going to concerts but do not travel around the world just my area.

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