Pieces of the Heart

Lara here y’all!

Oh February … the official month of love … and although society dictates that we show our loved ones how much we love them, i took this particular challenge to reflect on my own journey of love and hate with myself. It’s so true that you truly can’t love another until you love yourself…


So, i thought about my emotional heart, what it’s been through, what it’s struggled with and what it’s learned over the years. I looked in my junk drawer and found a plethora of Gauche Alchemy tidbits from kits of days yore, and decided to throw them all on a canvas. Together they create the ultimate texture and story where no words are really needed.


I started with a wood panel canvas – these i have learned are the best base for anything that will have weight to it as regular canvas will eventually sag under pressure. To adhere the brick brack i used a mixture of Golden products – Heavy Gloss Gel, Light Molding Paste and Matte Medium. The Heavy Gloss Gel holds the weightier objects perfectly and it dries transparent. For lighter objects i used the the Light Molding Paste as it doesn’t leave as much residue. The Matte Medium is like a light finish – it’s very liquidy, so i mixed in some beads and sequins and poured it over the top of the piece – it helped adhere anything that had areas the pastes might not have been able to get into, but also adhered the beads and sequins. This dries transparent.


After all the adhesives were completely dry I gesso’d the whole thing to help neutralize all the different colors from the pieces. When that was dry i sprayed the crap out of if with a couple of different Dylusions Sprays – Purple, Blue, Black and Pink.


As you can see there are so many little pieces that independently really symbolize the first 43 years of my life. There’s baby barrettes, duckies, teddy bears that to me are the innocence of youth. Then there are flowers and feathers, mardi gras beads and drink umbrellas celebrating the fun time of early adult life living and loving with abandon.


There are also war game pieces, bottle caps and rope which i feel represent my 30s when life took a turn for the dark side and my heart went through some extremely trying times.


But put altogether they make me the person i am today, someone i’m proud to be. Someone with very few regrets because all the mistakes and lapse in judgement has created a canvas of me. As cheesy as that is…


  1. Incredible work!

  2. Monica Downing says:

    This is very cool…so much to look at and I love the color combination you used. It’s a great canvas and a great way to express your journey…I love it

  3. Truly amazeballs! Love it! (And not cheesy at all!)

  4. The unique way that you create texture and layers within your pieces is always so impressive.This project is no exception! Not only is it beautiful to look at, it shares such a personal journey.Thank you for sharing it with us!

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