Mojo Boost: Jump Start My Art

Jump Start My Art…….

charge me up when I’m feeling down……Lori’s here to help!

Okay, so seriously, we all know there are times when we’re are just in a slump…and need some ways to get that creative mojo going!

1. Backgrounds

I’ve mentioned this before, that sometimes just getting something down helps get you moving. Sometimes, all I do is paint white gesso on blank journal pages. At least I am prepping pages, right? :) Or, I’ll glue random papers down and/or pull out my stencils and sprays. Just getting some color or texture down makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.

2. Tutorials/Challenges/Classes

There is no shortage of these online these days. Some of them have costs, but many are free. We have a whole page of links to techniques and tutorials here, like this background from Amy’s tutorial of blowing bubbles with paint.


Let me tell you, I can get lost in Pinterest for hours. Our Gauche Alchemy boards are chock full of ideas and inspiration. We have boards separated by color inspiration, design team creations, art journals and many more. Plus, when you click on a board and you see all our little faces, click on us and you’ll see our boards. Just don’t yell at me when your family doesn’t see you for three days.

I find myself using Pinterest more than google these days. You can search for just about anything. If I’m looking for a quote, I’ll search on pinterest for “quotes about _______”. I use quotes in almost all of my art journals.

Hope this helps! Now, go get messy!


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