Mojo Boost: Create Out of the Box

Hello, it’s Amy with you today, to share my ideas for mojo boostin’ creativity.

I wish I could say that each time I fall into a creative slump, I pull out a magic wand, and all is well. Actually, what really happens is that I have a creative block. I want to make things, but…I start over on new projects and never get them completed. I get bored. Over time, I have discovered that I need to get out of one of my three boxes, which are: the mini album box, the layout box or the banner box. I LOVE creating these three things, but they can put my mojo to sleep if I only stay in those boxes. So, I hop out of the box and push myself out of my comfort zone.

Here are a few of my recent mojo busters.

This is, yes, a layout. But, it is a layout out of my “let’s add layers of texture and mixed media!” box. I was watching Nathalie Kalbach’s Creative Jumpstart (fab mojo buster on its own), and she showed a fun technique adding random dots of paint and then going over them with a brayer. I was excited about making layouts again, after trying this technique on this page. It’s out of my box and kickstarted my heart with color. 😉

When I recently got into a funk about my “same ol'” projects, I joined a mixed media swap through Viva Las Vegas Stamps. The idea of the swap, an altered paintbrush, got my mojo skipping. I was seriously laying awake at night, thinking of ideas for a themed altered paintbrush. To give myself a boost and not disappoint my swap mate, I made a trial run brush with the theme being simply “wings.” This project not only excited ME, but also many of my designer friends. This project was REALLY out of my box. I loved creating this project so much, I made three other themed brushes. I think that’s a success for the mojo! Score!

Thanks so much for joining me and having a gander at my ideas for a mojo boost. I cannot wait to see what the other Alchemists have up their sleeve to inspire us!



  1. Checking out your latest creations Amy is my mojo booster 😛 I did love your paintbrush though.

  2. These projects are just gorgeous, Amy! I’m seeing a color palette of pinks, blues and grey/silver– funny how we subconsciously use the same color palette when working sometimes. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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