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Hello to all my favorite Gauche dudes and dudettes! As very few of you may know, today is “World Smile Day.” That got me thinking…what would make our friends and followers at Gauche Alchemy smile? Well, duh, a SALE, of course!

We have marked down our entire shop by 25%, no coupon code or secret password required!

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Ready for some Haunted Glamour?

Hello friends! Are you ready for a new challenge? One part Rocky Horror Picture Show, one part Gothic glamour, and a touch of whimsy…I think there’s something for everyone!

october2015We can’t wait to see what you create! Please add your submissions to our “Made by You” section!

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Mother Nature’s Technicolor Palette

Lara here!

Growing up in the American Midwest i saw very few mountains, really if any that wasn’t from an airplane window. But, living down in Atlanta for nearly a decade has made me fall in love with the mountains. To escape into the Appalachians is about an hour and a half from the city and i swear every time i get to the foothills i can feel my blood pressure drop.

Thinking about how this month’s Gauche Alchemy challenge about color would inspire me i took out all my favorite color paints. One was empty so i put it in the box with the other empty’s and looking at them all together immediately brought to mind some of the sunset’s i’ve been able to experience in the mountains. So many colors and subtle layering and textures happen to the scenery when the sun dips to a certain level.

i took out all my old canvas’ that have various stages of paint and use to them, some i had used at one time as table cover when painting other projects (see last month’s under paper project) and found one, 18″ x 24″, that was perfection in it colors and textures.


I mounted the canvas to a wood canvas and used screws to mount the paint tubes into a sun shape. Then dribbled fluid yellow acrylic mixed with matte medium over the top as well as tied some string into a birds nest.


At the bottom i tried to really build up the majestic mountains with at least a dozen layers of acrylic paint, crackle medium, corse medium and wax. Finishing it off by outlining some mountain shapes.


Yeah, thats some texture if i ever saw some texture…


How inspiring is Mother Nature’s own palette!
Thanks for taking a peek and enjoy this time of year (in America at least) when all the trees paint some masterworks in the sky.

I Wasn’t Sure Where to Start…

Hey Gauchinators!! It’s Rachel Whetzel. I loved this month’s mood board for so many reasons!! I wasn’t sure which reason to choose, so I decided not to!!
First, When I saw this prompt, I immediately thought of this Kpop song that my oldest son made me watch/listen to. It’s crazy, and totally absolutely weird, and it. will. stick. to. your. brain. (and too, I’m 99.9% sure that this artist’s face is in at least one of the pics in our mood board collage.)

Second, I started a real life, grown up, had-to-pass-a-test-to-even-get-an-interview JOB. Like, I’m getting PAID to do this, people. I am an instructional assistant for a new PreK classroom program at a local public school, and I love it. Thing is, it’s been forever since I’ve had a paying job, and those that I did have, had a uniform. Needless to say, living on a farm doesn’t lend itself to owning a lot of “office casual” clothes. The nicer clothes that I did have, where all in the gray/black zone. So when I got this job, I decided I wanted some COLOR in my professional wardrobe!!

Sept GA prompt Rachel Whetzel


I look forward to seeing what you create and share with us here at Gauche, and I’d love to connect without outside of the lab! Visit me on PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM, or like MY PAGE on Facebook!

She Dreams With Her Eyes WIDE OPEN

Hey Gorgeousess…

Monica here to share my project with you today…

Oh man I gotta tell ya I LOVE this months mood board…I mean…they all RAWK SAWKS but this one…bright funky colors…Harajuka…I LOVE Harajuka…I love anything bright and funky and different.

When I saw this image I knew it was perfect for what I wanted to do. People think of dreaming while we are asleep. I personally prefer to dream with my eyes wide open. Call it day dreaming or imagination or whatever you want. But I have always dreamed with my eyes wide open…and always in color.

I had so much fun with this. I love doodling and bright colors so yah…ok ok enough jibber jabber let me show you my project.




dreams 3


NOW…go find an image that speaks to you…print it out..cut it out…paint a funky background…doodle…add glitter…MAKE IT YOURS…and always…dream with your eyes WIDE OPEN!!!!