You Are My Sunshine Mixed Media Canvas by Rachel Whetzel

Hello, Gauche lovers!! It’s Rachel Whetzel! Can you believe it’s already a few months into the new year!? THE PROMPT this month was so much fun!! Funny how a muse can take you so many directions. When I first saw the prompt, I wanted to do a police themed quote. Then, while I was cleaning up my art area, I found a canvas I had started, and for what ever reason, didn’t finish. It had some yellows on it already. Suddenly, the saying “You are my Sunshine” came to my mind, and I wanted to use that quote with my canvas to create a piece. I was still trying to decide exactly how I wanted to use the sun on my piece, when I saw some art work of Mehriban Semenova’s and I realized I wanted to create a more abstract piece!! So I went for it.

You Are My Sunshine by Rachel Whetzel

Using glitter, sequins and beads with tones of the sun, I created my sunshine on my piece, and sealed it all in with Amazing Clear Cast Resin.
You Are My Sunshine Detail 01 by Rachel Whetzel
I had planned to include the saying, “You Are My Sunshine” somewhere, but as I worked, I realized I wanted to keep the abstract work intact, so I decided to leave it off.
You Are My Sunshine Detail 02 by Rachel Whetzel
I used some drips in the contrasting blue with glitter, to create the ability to display this piece in two directions! I really love the way it all came together, even though there were times when I felt like my muse had ADD!
You Are My Sunshine by Rachel Whetzel Alternative Position
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So She Did

What Up Gaucheland!!!
Lara here…


I have to admit that one of the things that provides me the most inspiration are quotes. Somewhere, at sometime, someone generally is able to put into words exactly what i would say if i were more eloquent with words and the what not.




The quote i used for this piece i found on pinterest somewhere at sometime, therefore, i don’t know who to attribute it to, but it really does encompass the self-empowerment and belief in myself and my dreams i’ve been working towards.




And it sure wouldnt be a piece without some Gelli Plate prints! I saved the strips i trimmed off some pages to make a scrapbook and wove them together. I love how adaptable scraps can be! Never EVER throw those things away! I then glued the scraps down with some Soft Gel – some loosely and less precise, to the 8×10 canvas.




I then gathered some alpha chipboard letters from a couple of different fonts since i dont have a full set of anything anymore, gesso’d them all white to match and adhered those with the Soft Gel as well.

The icing on this Gelli cake was the butterfly pin i found at a flea market recently for $1. Perfecting the sentiment of being free from the confines of fear and self-doubt.

Although there are a trillion resources for quotes on the interwebs, you can check out my pinterest page for quotes centered around strength, conquering fear, self growth and getting fit.

Can’t wait to see the quotes you all come up with!!!!

Dance like no one is watching

Hi all! Kiki again! I had the urge to create a quote book this week. I’ve been meaning to make one every since I saw one on Pinterest. I love to hate that site…. I digress. So, the book. Yes. I have seen inspirational quote books, motivations books, quote books, you name it. And I had thought for a long time that it would be fun to have one. Especially since I enjoy good quotes and never know where to keep them for inspiration when it strikes. So enter my project for this month.



I used a very simple notebook that I had in my craftroom, and got to work with some inked up canvas again, some random embellishments and a sheet of paper I had from a Gauche Alchemy kit from the past. It was perfect, since it was a modern ballet dancer. I love the quote “Dance like no one is watching”, and I’m a firm believer that you have to stay true to who you are. So I hope you like my artsy cover for my new quote book that I’m going to use in conjunction with my planner.



Why not play along with us this month? I’d love to see what you create! What’s your fave quote that you would like me to include in my book? Leave a comment and let me know!

I am One

Hello everyone!  Alchemist Marilyn here and I have a journal page spread to share with you today.  When I saw that the theme for March was “All About Words”, I got to thinking, “What would be a good quote?”  Well, as it so happened, I received an email from one of my subscriptions and it had this awesome quote in it;  “I Am Only One, But I Am One”.  Deep right?  It really spoke to me because sometimes I forget that even though I am only one person, I am one person and can make a difference.

 I Am One Full Spread_edited-1
I created the background using Art Anthology Colorations in Raider, Plush, and Grass.  I then stenciled the background with the Art Anthology Honeycomb Stencil and some embossing paste.  I then added stamping to the background with Dina Wakley’s Textures stamp set.  The circles strips were made using the Sizzix Alterations Confetti Decorative Strip die.
I Am One Right Page
I then stamped one of the faces from Dina Wakley’s “Face in the Crowd” stamp set  and colored her in with Art Anthology Velvets in Lemon Tart and Desire.  I printed out my quote on my ink jet, cut it out, colored the individual words with Art Anthology Lemon Tart Velvet and then brushed Art Anthology Tuxedo Velvet.
Now, let’s see what quote, song lyric, or phrase speaks to you.  Come out, join the fun!
Until later……….

Art For Art’s Sake

Howdy Magic Makers! Lisa here and I want to share how stoked and lucky I am.  Have you ever completed an online art class? Last Christmas, my friend gifted me “Lifebook 2015″ as a pressie. I am so incredibly grateful for her generous gift and she said to me that my work would explode. Within 3 weeks, I have a feeling she is right.
Week 3 was a journaling tutorial from the amazing wordsmith, Joanne Sharpe.  Go ahead!  Go take a peek.  I’ll wait.
Isn’t she inspiring? I’d like to share with you what I created but even more exciting for me is that my man sat down and created with me also. I’ve been given the go ahead to share his piece too.
The word prompt for the lesson was “Art Feeds your Soul” but as I started to create, write, and play, and not one to ever create with the same words as the class, the song “Art for Art Sake” from 10cc kept playing in my head.  So that’s what I worked with.
art for art sake 1
Paul, wrote down a few lines and he really wanted to create a peace sign, so “Give Peace A Chance” become his prompt.
give peace a chance 1
I’m so looking forward to what the next weeks and months classes bring forth.  Anyone else doing “Lifebook 2015″?
Thanks for dropping by!