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How to Create a Floral Fresco

Hi, everyone! Viktoriya Porechnaya is here. Today I would like to share with you some mixed media tips and secrets about creating  this extraordinary fresco

mix1mix2So we need sheet of canvas or burlap, acrylic putty, spatula and acrylic paints to create fresco background

mix4First, spread putty on canvas  with spatula in a uniformly thin layermix5mix5Let it dry some hours.Then you can bend the canvas sheet carefully to create many cracks.

mix6Start to paint surface with liquid acrylic paint. Be messy- have fun!

mix7Then remove wet paint using wet napkin or fabric sheet– baby wipes work well also. Make it carefully because you can remove the putty layer.Cracks becomes visible and have a color.

mix8mix9Then do the same with other tone of paint

mix10mix11Repeat these steps until you like it. You can add other colors for your background.For example, I added blue paint to my brown tones

Now time for stamping! Use acrylic paints instead ink to create a different effect.

mix12mix13I created floral field for my fresco

mix14mix15After it we need to create “roots” – use strings from canvas sheets

mix16Paint it using brown mist and dry

mix16Create “ground with roots” – use texturing paste for it

mix16mix17Add some textural elements- I used sand and small stones. See what you can find around your home; small beads, or even something from nature!

mix18mix19Let it dry or dry by heating tool and paint it

mix20Floral fresco is ready!

mix21Some details and textures

mix21mix25mix26mix27Thanks for your attention ! And I hope you catch your  inspirational mood to create something new!









Back to Basics

Hello everyone!  I hope that you’ve had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

I’ve been so busy with family, shopping, vacation prep, holiday prep, birthdays, business, pets, and all the other things that make us all crazy this time of year.  I haven’t had a lot of time to do my favorite thing; create.  I bet I’ve been home only 4 or 5 days these past 4 weeks.

I’ve been desperate to get crafty.  I finally made it to my art room today, and I knew that if I pressured myself to make something specific, I’d leave upset.  So instead, I decided to go back to basics.  I wanted to work on something that would make me happy.  For me, that’s digging into my art journal.  There’s no wrong way.  No high expectations.  No time limits.  Just peace, fun, and lots of color!

I started by flipping through looking for a page to begin with.  I chose a page that I had previously used as a napkin, if you will.  I always wipe my left over paints on pages in my journal.  I like the colors on this page.


I’m going to be using both of these pages, so the first thing I want to do is add some color to the left page.  I’m going to use a paper towel to add some Dylusions paint.


My favorite way to add interest to an art journal page is by using some Punchinella and a thin coat of black paint.  I love the way it brings everything together.


Both pages so far:


I don’t want to think too much about what to do next.  Art journaling is fun, until you start thinking too much.  I go to my bin of collage materials I’ve received in swaps.  I select some gelli prints I just received this week.


The colors are PERFECT and the shape is fun and interesting.  I use some matte medium to adhere the gelli prints.

I added some journaling that says “It’s time to catch up on the things that make me happy, like some mindless art journaling.”  I always find it interesting to add words to art.


I added some fun pieces of collage circles to add a pop of color throughout both pages.  I also put some altered page reinforcements on the gelli print pieces.


The last few details were simple brush marks with pink paint on the left page, black paint on the right page, and some marker spots highlighted with white pen.


And that it, Folks!  Finished with this simple art journal spread.  I am very happy with how it turned out.


I love how this turned out.  The colors are perfect.  My head doesn’t hurt from thinking too hard about it.  I’m not stressed.  I’m just happy.  I think I’ll head back to the art room to see if I can continue this mindless creating.  :)


As always, thank you for checking out my post.  Please check out Gauche Alchemy Studios on Facebook for more creative posts and to share your work.  Take care!

Retro Tag Magic


For the last month, I have been stuck and unable to create.  I cleaned my little craft surface and went through my supplies.  I reminded myself about my love for mixed media.  I found my favorite stencils, stamps, washi tape, sequins, and glitter.  I printed some images that inspired me.


I used my gelli plate to put some paint on these tags.


I cut out some of my favorite images and placed on the tag to see how much blank space I had to play with.


I stamped the background.


Stamp, stencil and washi tape.  Already creating a great background.


This is my favorite butterfly stamp.  After the paint dried, I cut out butterflies.


Sequins have been my favorite way to add dimension on my tags.


I was able to collage some pieces of paper on this tag.

fullsizerender-22 img_3948 fullsizerender-23


I am really enjoying this style and adding as many layers as possible.  Let me know if you have any questions and I can’t wait to see your mixed media tags!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Color Palette Play

Hi there! This is Jackie, and I’m back with a little bit on the subject of mixed media tips and techniques.

I’ve been into mixed media for less than two years, so I consider myself a newbie. And as a newbie, one of the things I have a problem with is picking color palettes. Well, one day I ran across an Instagram account, and fell in love with all the color inspiration. Design Seeds’s posts are of beautiful color palettes inspired by nature, art, food — pretty much anything you can set your eyes on. I thought to myself, this just might be what I need to break out of my color palette comfort zone, and pinned it for later. Guess what, later just happens to be now. I decided to finally give one of their color palettes a try, and here is the color palette I chose.

{ Color View }
NOVEMBER 20, 2016


Just because Summer has left us (fickle little thing), doesn’t mean we can’t continue to play with her colors, right?! Here’s what I came up with.





I love the results, and can guarantee there will be more color palette play in the future. And here’s the process video in case you find yourself needing to waste a few minutes. *^_^*

I hope you enjoyed my little experiment. If you decide to give it a try, don’t forget to post it to the Gauche Alchemy Studios FB page, or tag us on Instagram (@gauchealchemy and @creationsbyjsheri)

Until next time!

♥ Jackie


Materials used: