How to use pinterest to boost your creativity

Hello my Gorgeous gauche-ettes! Kristie Taylor here with a little something to inspire you:

Are you a “pinner”?

I am an avid “pinner” and I often use these pins and likes to help jump start the creative process.  I pin food that looks delicious or looks easy to make. Most of us are looking for fast and easy in out everyday lives and pinterest can help with that. Although some of us just pin like crazy and never do any of

I WAS one of those  I had thousands of pins and hadn’t done any of the things.Yummy food, diet friendly food, design ideas, crafts to try, beautiful clothing, and just things with beautiful colors. And all I ever did was to “Pin it” and forget it.

But then one day after one hellacious week full of the stress of everyday life, I was nearing deadline on a project and had literally NO IDEA what I was going to make. And when I say NO IDEA I mean blank slate in the brain dead… like roadkill dead…. no pulse, like the no C.P.R. in the world will ever bring it back kind of dead.

And so what did I do? Being the worlds best procrastinator, I picked up my handy dandy phone and went to pinterest to waste time. 😀 dont judge!! you know you have done it too……

So browsing and pinning away, I come across this image


the original pin can be found here:

I just love this image!! so as I quickly click “pin” to save it, I say to myself…. “Self, why dont you look at the colors closer” so I go back to the image and suddenly I am filled to the brim with ideas of ways to use these colors together! And there, Brain dead creativity Restored!!

That is when I came up with this canvas..




Yes I am aware that it has absolutely nothing to do with the beach, but it has a lot in common with the colors in the photo. I used the blue from the water, along with the green from the tress. The golds are from the wood on the side of the hut and the orange is from the sky. Absolutely beautiful together!

Now lets take a peek at a few more:

Take this image for instance:


the original post can be found here:

Isnt she regal? I love her colors!!  So I took her colors and created the scrapbook page:


Once again, it has nothing to do with the original photo, but everything to do with the colors.

But  you dont have to create with only the colors, you can use other aspects of and image to boost your creativity.

Like this one for instance:


Original pin can be found here:

From this one you might take the woodgrain, or the rust effect and build from there, or even use the rivets as inspiration and go all steam punk with it.

Or this one:


There are so many beautiful things to be inspired by in this image. The woodgrain of the dresser, then planks flooring, the brocade on the chair, the stripes on the pillar, the soft flowing fabrics, the ruffles, the roses, and of course the gorgeous colors.

The possibilities are endless!

I thank heavens that Pinterest has so many gorgeous things to fuel my creative mind. Pinterest has quickly become a “go to” for me when I am looking for a creative boost. I hope my post today has inspired you to look at pinterest in a new light…… Now go forth and Pin those awesome Pins my gorgeous lovelies!!

Create awesome every day!


How To be Creative and Do it ALL

Hello, Gaucheland!! It’s Rachel Whetzel! I decided to take the May inspiration board with some tongue in cheek, and get REAL with you all. I’m a pretty busy gal. A lot of people think that busy is good, and I think that to a certain extent it is, but I also know that in this new online world, where we all share how much we get done, and how busy we are, a lot of times busy becomes a badge of honor. Like somehow, by seeing what we’re all “up to” equals being able to totally see someone.  I am lucky enough to be able to work at home, and create art there. I also own a small herd of dairy goats. I volunteer at my kid’s school. I just recently helped the Jr. Class at our high school plan and pull of prom, and I created a lot of the decorations for that myself. I have two kids on separate track teams, and I volunteer to help the coaches at meets. In between all that, I squish in creative projects. I share a lot of that on line, and like a lot of busy people who share their fun stuff on the interwebs, I often get the comment, “I don’t know how you do it all!”

That’s why I decided to share my “How to be Creative AND Do it ALL in four easy steps” tutorial!!

How To Be Creative copyright Rachel Whetzel Gauche Alchemy

STEP 1: Pile every table and surface with STUFF and boxes and more stuff.
STEP 2: Let the laundry and chores pile up.
STEP 3: Avoid any dish washing at all costs.
STEP 4: Start a big project to take up extra time.

The REALITY is this.

So there you have it. The truth is, that for me, being creative means that I stick a project in between the billionty other things that I’m up to. That most days, there is a long list of things I got done. There is also a long list just as long, full of things I didn’t get done. I choose to put time and energy into people, (my kids, our school, their teams, my family life) but I also choose to let a lot of things slide.

This post is a glimpse into that part of me. The part where my sink is full on both sides, the clean dishes still need to be put away, my floors need a serious sweep and vacuum, my laundry is in two states: washed but not put away, and dirty, my counters and tables are full of dropped-off-between-house-stops stuff, and there are home projects waiting to be finished. Being creative is something I love, and I choose to make it a priority. Most of the time, by following the simple steps in my how to above.

Hopefully, I haven’t totally grossed you all out, and next time you wonder about that busy friend that “does it all” remember the things you don’t see. Now, go let something slide, and GET CREATIVE!

Thank you for reading! Want to see more of what I’m up to?
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How to Happiness Mini-Book


Lara Here!!

For this month the challenge is a “How To” challenge, and well, my every day quest is, “How to be happy… or at least at peace … with myself and my choices.”

I decided to create this little 3″ x 4″ mini-book with quotes I like to meditate on. I’m such a quote junkie! I mean, original thought is always something to strive for, yet so many times i find myself finding quotes that much more succinctly phrase what I’m trying to say or think, and, well, why reinvent the wheel. I even have a Pinterest Quote Board if you can believe that (/sarcasm).

To start out the mini-book, i looked up some Coptic Binding tutorials on youtube as it’s a skill i’ve been wanting to learn for years now. It’s a little complicated to get going, but after a couple of signature pages it makes sense.


The pages are old Gelli Plate prints i’ve had laying around. Some are “messed up” ones i didn’t know what to do with, so cutting them down to 3″ x 8″ i was able to crop out the nicer areas. But this always reteaches the golden rule of crafting – never throw anything away people!


And now for the quotes. I hate my handwriting, but thought it would be much more purposeful to write these sayings down than to print them out of the computer.

And there you have it – something extremely portable, extremely cute and extremely purposeful!

Happy May y’all!

Hometown Scrap Family





Howdy Creative Gauche Bloggers ,Lisa Here .

Today I have a simple process to share with you. I am a lover of stencils and texture .I luuuuurve sprays and colour and ink and mess and fun…ahhhhhhh .. it makes me happy. I also love getting together with my local arty crew who create magic every Thursday fortnight :) . Happiest day of the week . to celebrate those moments I have throw together this layout , and here is how I did it .

Process time.. texture and stencil … How awesome is this Words or Whatever Dreamcatcher Stencil , a little heart love,from me, for this one . So I simply lay the stencil down on white cardstock and using a palette knife I smeared textured paste over the stencil ,then removed it . cleaned my stencil and then dried the page , before I added colour using Dylusions and some hero arts Neon spray  and a fine mist of water. I then allowed the inks to dry.


Fun and messy time. I firstly got out a little gelatos and detailed my dreamcatcher feathers a little, and added a little posca pen .Next,some house paint,it has a fluidity like no other and the boldness and thickness adds even more texture and dimension. So using the back end of my paint brush I dipped it into the house paint and using a circular motion I created a freestyle house paint circular reinforcement to the original theme. I love the effect .


Then a little stamping and added details using a fine black Posca and my trusty black Staz on ink .

Watercolour over my gesso painted chipboard and I am ready to lay it all together


Washi Tape,Tissue Paper,Cheesecloth and doily complete this piece of scrap art .

hometown scrap family 1

Thanks for dropping by , I hope I have inspired you to get out your bright funky inks and sprays and have a creative mixed media session today . Go get arty !

Coffee – A Layout and Background Technique Tutorial by Dana Tatar

Hi GA fans! Dana Tatar here today sharing a layout and a quick tutorial for the May “How To” Challenge. I’ve had a lot of firsts in my life, but I recently had an experience that really opened eyes–and my taste buds! I took my daughters to a birthday party a couple weeks ago. This was a solo trip for me, as my husband was off camping with the boys, so I went through a lot of mental preparation to help ready myself to survive several hours of screaming kids, party games, extreme quantities of sugar and the normal amount of chaos that goes along with birthday celebrations. What I didn’t expect was to walk onto a backyard patio and have the child’s mother hand-roast, grind and brew coffee beans for the adults in a kid-free zone under a shaded canopy. The small table, glassware and hours-long coffee brewing process is true to the hostess’s native country of Eritrea, Africa. One taste of this sweet elixir had me reaching a complete state of zen. I’ve been drinking coffee for years, but I’m documenting this as my first real taste.

Let me tell you, Starbucks doesn’t have anything on this brew! While I was contemplating how I might possibly carve out 3-5 hours of each day to prepare and enjoy a real cup of coffee, I created this colorful layout. I wanted to try a new {to me} technique to pair with the memory of my experience. I found what looked to be a fun technique in the Spring issue of Somerset Apprentice–Cool Backgrounds with Citra Solv by Vanessa Spencer. All you need is a stack of old magazines, high-gloss pictures will work the best, and a bottle of Citra Solv.


Step One: Hang a magazine page vertically onto a cardboard box.

Steps Two and Three: Spray the magazine page liberally with Citra Solv and let sit for 10-15 minutes. The ink will start to drip off the paper. Note: I used homesolv from the makers of Citra Solv because it came in a convenient spray bottle. I tried other cleaners that I had on hand that contained orange oil and they did not work for this process.

Step Four: Wipe away excess cleaner and ink. Let dry and use for art projects!



I tore the treated magazine pages into strips for my layout. I have a nice mix of papers that were wiped clean of prints (top photo) and papers that sport a cool splatter pattern (bottom photo) from the solvent spray. I think I’ll continue to play with this technique with stencils and sponges to try to remove the ink in a more textured/patterned way.

Thanks for stopping by today! We’d love to see how this challenge inspires you so please share your work with us! Here’s the May Challenge board for further inspiration.