Wandering Soul Book Kit

Hello all you artsy peeps!! Kristie Taylor here with a little something special for you. Today I will show you how I used the brand spanking new “Wandering soul book kit” which you can find in the awesome new Gauche Alchemy store here: Wandering soul. I also used some of the Punchinella as texture for the background. Let me show you how I made this cover, then in another post, we will go over how to create the inside pages.

Here is my completed project:


Now let me show you how I did it, so that you can carry your creative soul in to your awesome crafty space and create your own!

Measure the book cover included in your kit, and cut a piece of sturdy chipboard 1″x the same height. position the pieces as shown here, Make sure to leave a space between each piece, this will allow the book to open and close properly.


Use tape to adhere the pieces together, I used masking tape, but duct tape or packing tape will also work.


Flip the book over and fold the edges of the tape around to the inside of the book. Then add more tape to the inside and fold the edges to the outside. Use a bone folder to make sure the tape is adhered well.


Open and close the book several times to make sure it works well. This is the time to fix it if it doesn’t work right. Just cut the tape and start over if you need to.


Use the map included in the kit to cover part or all of your book. Snip the corners as shown and fold inward. Use a strong glue to adhere the map to the book cover.


Snip the binding part as shown and adhere with a strong glue.


Adhere the lace that is included in the kit to the binding part of the book. fold the edges inward and adhere that as well. This will give the bending part of your binding strength, as well as some awesome texture! :)


Now its time to get DOWN AND DIRTY!! WOO HOO!! this my favorite part!! Use clear gesso to cover parts of the map.


Then use white gesso to cover the reaming parts of the map and the lace. You can set this aside to dry ORRRRR if you are impatient like me, then just get our your handy dandy heat tool and WAAAAALAAA its dry!


Cut the edges of the punchinella in a wavy pattern.(I despise straight edges!!)


Use a hot glue gun to adhere the punchinella to the cover, and adhere the strips that you cut off around the edges of the book. Its ok if they don’t go all the way around, this will provide more interest. (I promise it will be ok!! BREATHE and let it happen!!)


Now lets start adding some interest…. I took all kinds of things from my stash to add texture and interest to the cover. You can use anything! chipboard shapes, ticket stubs, jewelry findings, nuts, bolts, bath poof….. anything! Just glue it all down in a pleasing pattern and go with it!


Paint over all the awesome little thing that you glued down with a nice layer of gesso (It’s a surface prep that can be found in any art supply store) This will get the object ready to accept our colors.


Spray a brown spray ink onto the background, just around the flat part. I LOVE Art Anthology so that is what I used,  but you can use whatever you have on hand. This one is called “Cinnamon toast”.


Next use a blue/green spray ink I used Art Anthology “Peacock Feathers”.Apply with a paint brush to the raised parts of your design.


While it is still very wet, sprinkle on some clear embossing powder, then heat it with a heat tool until it melts. This will intensify the color and also seal it in so that it doesn’t change colors after our other colors go on.


Spray on a blue ink over everything, I used Art Anthology “Studio blue”. Dry this with a heat tool before moving forward.


Make sure to spray the back with the same colors and dry it with a heat tool too……….. unless you WANT to wait for it to dry……. BWAAHAHA YEA RIGHT!


Dip a fan brush into a white fluid acrylic paint and sprinkle onto the cover. Dry with the heat tool again….


Use your fingertips to apply a metallic rub like “rub and buff” to all the raised edges to make the shapes stand out.


Add some white flowers and you are all done! Doesn’t that look fab?!

DSCN3006 DSCN3009

Thank you so very much for stopping by! I hope you will go and order the Wandering soul kit and make yourself an awesome Travel journal!




I am a Time Traveler…

Hello, my name is Rachel, and I am a time traveler… When I saw the mood board this month, books were the first thing that came to mind!! I decided to shoot a photo of one of my all time favorite book series when I was a kid… Little House books. I loved taking those trips back in time, and learning about the life of a girl my age. I loved them do much, I would stage elaborate dress up and make-believe sessions based on the things in those books. That’s the best thing about books… They are so much more than words on a page! They allow you to take a trip whenever, wherever.

gauche timetravel

I look forward to seeing what you create and share with us here at Gauche, and I’d love to connect without outside of the lab! Visit me on PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM, or like MY PAGE on Facebook!

Rock out with your … travel … out

Lara here!

I would have to say that a large percentage of my travel is motivated by a rock show. There are several bands/musicians I will fly to different parts of the world to see. I like to experience the different audiences, the different cultures, even the difference in shows for that musician.

I am trying to get back into scrapbooking. I started out as a traditional scrapbooker about 15 years ago, then started using more found objects and non-traditional material which led me to become more of the mixed media artist I am now, and I abandoned the scrapbooking. I miss the record keeping of it, and printing the photos. All my photos live as bits and bytes these days, and there’s something so magical about being able to hold a photo from days past.

So, I’ve had a pretty crazy summer, and I decided that this was my impetus to scrapbook again.


A part of my summer was seeing my favorite band, U2. A couple of times in a couple of cities. Perfect inspiration to start my new scrapbook!

I have an American Crafts D-Ring 8″x8″ scrapbook (These are my favorite because they’re super versatile and expandy) and I’ve vowed not to buy a single paper or embellishment. You know what works perfect? GELLI PRINTS! Especially ones that did not come out well, so hiding parts is not a big deal. For the above spread I also did an image transfer on both sides and then collaged the tickets and wristbands. I stapled most of the pieces because glue can cause concert tickets to discolor over time.


The next spread i used “under paper” – I always keep my desk covered with paper to catch spills and splatters and to clean paint brushes, brayers and stamps. So thats what these are – a couple months worth of unwasted paint. I made sure to journal on these pages too – that’s something I’m very weak at. However, having just looked back at scrapbooks I made a decade ago that were just photos; I thought at the time I would remember everything just from the photo, I now know that’s not true.


This is another “underpaper” used, but I wanted to show it because it’s about a project near and dear to my heart – African Well Fund – which is a non-profit i helped create in 2002. For 13 years we have been raising money for clean water projects in Africa and our largest fundraiser of the year is called “Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday.” Each year I make a card that houses donors messages that we send to Bono’s management (Although this year I was able to hand it to him in person) and I’m really proud of the card I made this year out of old bike gears. If you want to read more about that visit my blog.

Last thing about “under paper” – I’ve now learned not to use both sides of the paper! Because it turns out so cool it’s hard to figure out which side to sacrifice! For the layout above it was this:

Thanks for looking at my scrapbook pages and I love seeing everyone’s take on the challenge of “travel” this month!

Bon Voyage!

So I did a little dance (Me dancing? It’s a scary thought!!!) when I saw this months mood board, why you ask? I am totally OBSESSED with anything french and Paris and the Eiffel Tower! My craft room is complety decked out with all things Paris and I dream of going there one day (despite what I have heard). So I knew I wanted to make something with the Eiffel Tower and something I can use to decorate my craft room with, and maybe even have a little extra storage. (We can all use some of that right???) So I decorated this fun wooden box in pink blue silver white and black!






GAP3 I painted the box pink and silver, added silver streaks blue dots and some course glitter gel on the top of the box. I used a free printable from Pintrest for the Eiffel Tower, I printed it on Vellum, I glued that down then stamped and embossed the welcome to Paris and Eiffel Tower stamps. I then added lots of flowers pearls rhinestone and a little bit of lace. I think the little handle pull is pretty awesome! I hope I have inspired you to try out this fun challenge! Happy Crafting!!!

Have you caught the colouring bug?

Hi everyone! Have you noticed the trendy colouring books that are popping up everywhere, from Amazon to Costco? It’s totally crazy how adult colouring have become all the rage! So what’s up with that trend? Well, it seems that finding your inner child while colouring actually relieves stress. It’s all about concentrating on something completely creative, and forgetting your daily grind while doing so.

A recent colouring page I completed

A recent colouring page I completed


So what do you need to get into adult colouring, and what’s involved? Well, that all depends on a few things like your skill with pencils or markers, how much you want to spend, and how much time you want to dedicate to it. Here are some resources that I recommend checking out when starting out:

  • Pinterest: Go and check out Pinterest for free adult colouring pages. There are so many out there that you can print for free. Just be sure that you are printing a page that’s been offered free by the artist, and not just scanned from someone’s book.
  • Facebook: Yes, there are actually a few groups out there dedicated to the world of adult colouring. I joined just a couple of groups and I can tell you that you can learn so much by being in those groups. But beware…being in an online community of artistic adults can lead to enabling when it comes to supplies.
  • YouTube: Don’t know how to shade? What about comparing colouring pencils? How about technique videos on using markers, such as Copic or brush markers? You can find these and so much more on YouTube!
  • Dollar Stores: You don’t need expensive tools to get started with colouring. If you want to get into it for the stress relief, then even dollar store pencils, crayons, markers and watercolour paints can do the trick! And while you are at it, browse the children’s section for colouring books.

The majority of people would agree that colouring does relieve stress, since it removes you from the adult world of responsibility, bills and stress. But if you are like me, or are an A-type personality, just be warned that it may not work for you without a little tweaking. If you stress out easily over little details, then perhaps you should start off with crayons and some of the larger pictures that you can find on Pinterest. Don’t try to get started with some of the amazing zentangle style books. You’ll likely wind up more frustrated and stressed!


A current work in progress – yes, it can be frustrating!

And who says you have to stay within the lines? At Gauche Alchemy, we’re all about colouring outside the lines, right? Use colouring pages to learn new skills, and expand your creative noggin! So if you need an extra artsy challenge, why not modify the artwork and make it your own by collaging papers or tissue instead of colouring, or using different mediums to do your colouring. The colouring pages that you can find for free on the internet are great jump starters for creativity.

So go ahead and find your inner child and get colouring. You never know where it may lead you creatively!