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Going with the Flow- Mixed Media Tag



Hello from Ohio!

When I received my Mixed Ephemera Paper Pack from Gauche Alchemy, I fell in love with this tag.  I didn’t want to use it until the perfect idea hit me.  Guess what???  I’ve got it!


I began by slapping on some modeling paste.  I didn’t take my time.  I don’t care about the blue that made it’s way into the paste.  I sprayed it with some orange ink, anyway.  dscn1459


Once my modeling paste was dry, I pulled out some items I knew I wanted to use.  This was my vision.  I was going to write the word “ART” inside the tickets, and it was going to be awesome!  dscn1463

I LOVED how I had decided to embellish the tag, so I began gluing the punchinella down.  Once I had the snowflake punchinella glued, I decided to add some creepy black netting.  I really like the look it adds.

Look at that little round “31” on the bottom.  That wasn’t supposed to go there.  It wasn’t a part of my vision.  dscn1472

Another small piece of ephemera made it’s way to the top right corner of my tag, somehow.  It’s alright, I guess.  I like adding twine to my work, especially underneath the focal point.  I put a small flower in the center of the twine circle to help hold my guy in place.dscn1474

I knew that this little guy needed some kind of background.  Although this is NOT AT ALL the route I thought I was going to be taking this tag, I wanted to incorporate my original ideas, so I grabbed the gray handmade paper that was in my first setup.  dscn1475

I needed a little something under the Kitty.  Again, I went back to my first idea.  I chose to add the cork star.  I found this wonderful “Poison” label, added some black ink to the edges, and popped it on top of the star.  Having the WORD “Poison” made me think I better add some ACTUAL poison.  I went for a small apothecary bottle and filled it with green Stickles.   dscn1477

Tags just aren’t complete without a string, ribbon, or lace.  I decided on a wide black lace.  I secured it with jute cord and added a little key.  I’m not sure why, really, but I like it.

As you can see, this is not at all what I envisioned this tag would look like completed.  I ABSOLUTELY love it. dscn1480

Here are a few close up photos to show the details:dscn1482


I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get what I wanted.  But the more I look at it, the more I like it.  Sometimes, things take a turn in a different direction, and you just have to go with it.

Thank you all so very much for checking out this post.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below.  Don’t forget to share your work over in Gauche Alchemy Studios on Facebook.  Check out some of our other projects on Instagram: @GaucheAlchemy.

Supplies used:


Snowflake Punchinella

Black Net

Gypsy Cord

Jute String


Paper Ephemera

Cork Star


Color Block Paper


Apothecary Bottle

Mixed Media Glue

Modeling Paste

My top tools for art and words

Hello, Erena here!

I love using words in my artwork.  Sometimes, a word can be the perfect way to finish your creation.

Like many people, I dislike my handwriting.  It reminds me of work mode and being rushed to get through all my notes.

Here are my favorite ways of incorporating words that do not involve my handwriting:

  1. Dictionary paper or Scrapbook paper

So many options here and this type of paper makes a great bckground.  I like to take an old giftcard and put a little paint on it.  With the card, quickly brush some paint on the paper for an added layer.



2.  Word Stencils

I really rely on these stencils!  My 2 favorites are from StencilGirl Products and Delta Creative.



3. Stamps

Stamps are an easy way of adding words or phrases to any piece. Make sure to use archival ink otherwise it can smear and ruin a great piece.




4. My mom

I am very lucky to have a mom who is an artist and has the best handwriting. I have accepted that I do not have her handwriting abilities :) Whenever, we visit I bring her projects that need some calligraphy.  I make photocopies of her orginals to use.



What are your favorite ways of incorporating words?  If you do not like your handwriting, what do you do?

Until next time!


Plant pokes from palm tree bark

Hi, Vesna here!

How do you get from ‘words and art’ to ‘plant pokes from palm tree bark’?  Hahahhha.

Well, the challenge this month was really a challenge for me: words and art!  When I think of words in artwork I think that they should suggest some kind of idea, some kind of meaning, something deep, something to make you re-evaluate your thinking, your ideas.  And this works very well for some artists, but not for me.

I think of my work as playful.  If there is any deeper meaning in it, it is to relax, to play, to escape from the every day duties and roles we play in our lives.  These are the very reasons I create.  I want to step away from the real world, from the obligations, from following a schedule, meeting a deadline.  I want to let my inner child be free to do whatever she wishes.  No judgement, no critiques, no deadlines.  Play time!!

What’s important to me in my work is to use materials that are affordable or even better free.  I like free!!  I also like earth-friendly.  I like giving a second chance to items that were going to be trash.

So the other day I was driving around and I noticed palm tree bark all over the neighborhood, in the streets, in people’s yards.  Here in the Arizona desert this is very common.  In the summer we get dust storms with winds strong enough to knock down a tree.  So palm tree bark gets carried by the winds and you can find it all over the place.  And I decided that words, art and palm tree bark will need to work together to help me with this challenge.

I first walked to a neighbor’s yard and picked up some palm tree bark.

Pam tree bark

Then I gathered additonal supplies:

Paint brushes


Mixed media papers (courtesy of Gauche Alchemy)

Gel medium

Triple thick glaze


Alphabet stamps

Shish kabob skewers

Metal cutting shears

Plant pokes from palm tree bark

I tried cutting the bark with regular scissors.  This did not work.  I didn’t know that the bark is soooo hard.  It’s very light, but very hard.  So I used metal cutting shears to cut the palm tree bark in circle/oval shapes.  And I cut down the mixed media papers to the same shape but slightly smaller than the palm tree circles.

Plant pokes from Palm tree bark


I used gel medium to adhere the paper onto the bark.


I stamped words on blank paper (printing paper is fine).  I thought nature themed words were suitable.  They are usually positive and perhaps relaxing.

Earth friendly crafts

Use gel medium again to glue them in the center.


I used paint, including puffy paint to further decorate them.

Earth friendly crafts

When the paint is dry, you can use triple thick glaze to coat the bark.  It will make it shiny and more durable.

Plant pokes form palm tree bakr

Then use E6000 to glue the skewers on to the back.

Earth friendly crafts

Once the skewers are glued and the glue is dry you are ready to add a little whimsy to your household plants.  Stick your plant pokes in the different plants around your home.  I hope they add a little smile every time you see them.

Earth friendly crafts

Earth friendly crafts

Earth friendly crafts

Autumn is upon us

Hi Everyone! Gauche Alchemist, Jackie here.

Today I would like to share with you my take on this month’s theme of “Art and Words”. I decided to create something that would not only artfully reflect the coming season, but would also allow me to express a few heartfelt words. If you guessed a greeting card, you’re correct!

So let’s jump right in.

Step 1: Cut heavy cream cardstock down to 5×7”.

Step 2: Apply a dark yellow acrylic paint onto a gel plate, remove some of the paint through round punchinella using copy paper or deli paper, remove the stencil, and pull the print.



Step 3: Rip black and white patterned tissue paper, and adhere it in random places to the gel print with matte gel medium.


Step 4: Take the gel print from step 3, and go back to the gel plate. This time, roll on a dark red-ish brown acrylic paint, remove the paint through a leaf stencil using copy paper or deli paper, remove the stencil, and pull the print.


Step 5: Line the same stencil from step 4 up with the gel printed image, and apply white acrylic paint with a make-up sponge using a pouncing motion.


Step 6: Tear or cut about 1/4” from each side of the paper. (I cheated and used specialty scissors)


Step 7: Starting at the back of the paper, wrap twine around right side three time, ending at the back. (It helps to tape down the ends, and make sure not to overlap the twine.) Cut another piece of twine about 6” long and tie it around the twine wrapped around the paper.


Step 8: Stamp your autumn greeting using complimentary colors.  I chose orange and dark brown.


Step 9: Tie the tag onto the gel printed paper, adhere the paper onto 10×7” kraft cardstock folded in half, and you’re done!

Here are a few pictures of the finished project. (I always like to make more than one card at a time.)






I hope you enjoyed following along, and if you happen to give this project a try, make sure to post it on the Gauche Alchemy Studio Facebook page, or tag me and Gauche Alchemy on Instagram. We always love to see what you’re working on.

Until next time!

– Jackie