The Hole in My Heart Essential Oil Pendant by Rachel Whetzel

Hey, Gauchies!! It’s Rachel with you again! This month’s prompt was so much fun! So many possibilities, and I’ve loved seeing what my fellow Alchemists (and you) have done! I recently saw a beautiful diffusing pendant for using with essential oils, and have been wanting to make my own. This prompt was a great opportunity to make something heart related, and add a little bit of snark to the title.  Essential Oil necklaces are made hollow, so that they can hold a piece of absorbant material that you drop oils onto. They are used in aromatic applications of the oils, and I’ve been wanting one of my own since the moment I saw one! So I got to work making my own using Creative Paperclay®, Amazing Clear Cast Resin, wool, and Alcohol Inks.

Hole In My Heart by Rachel Whetzel
Now I can smell my DoTerra oils where ever I wear my pendant, and I have my own unique piece of jewelry to do it with! Want to see more of what I’m up to? Visit me on PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM, or like MY PAGE on Facebook!


A Warm Welcome and a HUGE Announcement!

We have some exciting news to share with all of you!  Heather and I have decided on a couple big things.  First, we have invited two more extremely talented artists to join the Alchemist family.  Join us in welcoming the lovely Kristie Taylor and the wonderful Monica Downing!  If you have never seen their work, you have GOT to check out their blogs.  Here’s a little bit about them!


“Hi my name is Kristie and I am all about that Gauche! I have been a big fan of Gauche Alchemy for many, many years and have even been featured in the newsletter and on the blog a few times (many, many moons ago)!  I am so excited to be joining the GA team and can’t wait to get started! I cant wait to show you my snarky side of Gauche.”

Here are some projects by Kristie.  Get ready to “oooooh” and “aaaaaah”!

Kristie 1

Kristie 2

Kristie 3
Stunning work right?

Now onto Miss Monica!  Here’s a little 411:


“I’m a California native of 40 years, relocated to the Northwest corner of Arkansas after spending 5-1/2 years in Virginia. I am married to an awesome man who supports all of my ambitions and the crazy artsy endeavors I take on. I have 2 beautiful kids, ages 24 and 21, and 2 miniature red doxies. My family and friends are everything to me.

 Art.  What can I say?  It’s my passion, my love, my sanity. I work full time by day, and spend as much time as possible in my art studio when I am home. I love mixed media art and the freedom it gives me to combine an endless possibility of mediums on just about any surface. I am all about paints, mists, inks, fabric, paper, texture and just about any surface I can find to put them on.  I love inspiring people to try new products or techniques.  Step outside of that box and just go for it! My hope is that by sharing my art with you, you will be excited to do exactly that. There are no rules in art!  So step outside of that box, color outside of those lines, get crazy and go make something beautiful.”
Want to see some of her work?
Monica 2
Monica 3
Monica 1
Absolutely beautiful right?!  I hope you are as excited as we are to see how these gals rock our Gauche knickers off!
Speaking of Gauche and rocking knickers….are you ready for some big news?  Rumor has it that Gauche Mama Heather is, right now, this very second, working on REOPENING THE GAUCHE ALCHEMY SHOP!  How amazeballs is THAT??!!!  We are shooting for a grand reopening later this year but you’ll have to stay tuned with us to find out exactly when!
We cannot wait to see what else 2015 holds in store for us and we hope that every single one of you join us on this wonderful and crazy ride!  PS:  Bring a friend because the more the merrier!

Pieces of the Heart

Lara here y’all!

Oh February … the official month of love … and although society dictates that we show our loved ones how much we love them, i took this particular challenge to reflect on my own journey of love and hate with myself. It’s so true that you truly can’t love another until you love yourself…


So, i thought about my emotional heart, what it’s been through, what it’s struggled with and what it’s learned over the years. I looked in my junk drawer and found a plethora of Gauche Alchemy tidbits from kits of days yore, and decided to throw them all on a canvas. Together they create the ultimate texture and story where no words are really needed.


I started with a wood panel canvas – these i have learned are the best base for anything that will have weight to it as regular canvas will eventually sag under pressure. To adhere the brick brack i used a mixture of Golden products – Heavy Gloss Gel, Light Molding Paste and Matte Medium. The Heavy Gloss Gel holds the weightier objects perfectly and it dries transparent. For lighter objects i used the the Light Molding Paste as it doesn’t leave as much residue. The Matte Medium is like a light finish – it’s very liquidy, so i mixed in some beads and sequins and poured it over the top of the piece – it helped adhere anything that had areas the pastes might not have been able to get into, but also adhered the beads and sequins. This dries transparent.


After all the adhesives were completely dry I gesso’d the whole thing to help neutralize all the different colors from the pieces. When that was dry i sprayed the crap out of if with a couple of different Dylusions Sprays – Purple, Blue, Black and Pink.


As you can see there are so many little pieces that independently really symbolize the first 43 years of my life. There’s baby barrettes, duckies, teddy bears that to me are the innocence of youth. Then there are flowers and feathers, mardi gras beads and drink umbrellas celebrating the fun time of early adult life living and loving with abandon.


There are also war game pieces, bottle caps and rope which i feel represent my 30s when life took a turn for the dark side and my heart went through some extremely trying times.


But put altogether they make me the person i am today, someone i’m proud to be. Someone with very few regrets because all the mistakes and lapse in judgement has created a canvas of me. As cheesy as that is…

Oh how I love thee!

   Hello friends Rebecca here! I hope everyone is having a fabulous February! I have to admit this  was a tough challenge for me because well, I love LOVE!!! I love Valentines Day and am actually SAD it’s over already! So keeping all this in mind I decided to use some of my most beloved supplies in the art journal page I created! I also took some inspiration from the pinks yellows and oranges found in the mood board for the month!


I started by covering my page completely in a thick coat of gesso and then smashed the wet gesso with another piece of paper which gives it a fun texture! I also made some scribbles into the wet gesso with the end of a paintbrush!


I then took yellow, orange and pink fluid acrylics and spread the paint randomly with a paper towel (p.s. I make almost ALL of my back grounds with paper towels!) I added some teal, hot pink and a bit of purple paint streaks to add some contrast to the yellow orange back ground as well as through random parts of  stencils.


I stamped with a few of my favorite stamps (hearts, music notes and writing oh my!)  I made a big teal and purple circle, stamped the word love on some scrapbook paper, cut it out and made a cute little banner! I added some random doodles with some oil pastels, threw on some random triangles and stapled the cute love sentiment at the top! The last thing I did was add a little sparkle and viola!


How are you enjoying this months challenge? I know it was tough for me but you just have to think outside the box sometimes! Good luck friends! See ya next month!

I love GRUNGE journal cover

Hi everyone! Kiki here with my first project for Gauche Alchemy. As you’ll soon find out, I love grungy texture. No, scrap that. I have an OBSESSION with texture. I cannot seem to create without it, and look at the project and say I’m done. The more texture the better. And the more unusual the texture, the more fun it is to play with it.

This month for the February Challenge, I put a lot of different textures into the project. I love grunge. Love isn’t always pretty, soft and lacey. Sometimes it’s messy, chaotic and dirty! LOL

Want to see what I mean?Art Journal Cover by Kiki Halbert

There’s so much texture in there I get giddy. I used gesso and drywall tape, inked up canvas, washi tape, paper scraps, cardboard, wood, cork, thread….ahhhhhh.

Art Journal Cover by Kiki Halbert

Art Journal Cover by Kiki Halbert

Art Journal Cover by Kiki Halbert

Art Journal Cover by Kiki Halbert
So what did you get out of the monthly challenge inspiration? I’d love to see your projects so make sure to play along, and please link me up to them so that I can go and leave you some love!