Coloring your own cards

Hello,everyone! I’m Viktiriya and would like to share my cute idea with you.You all know about adult coloring books. It’s in trend now and you can find so many different pictures on open spaces of Internet.Do you like it? I have a good idea how to use it!

Print a picture, color it ,add some words and make your own spesial card for friends!

IMAG4998I chose these cute animals and colored them by bright liners

IMAG5000The Fox


And the Owl

IMAG5006Do you see mice in her tummy?))

And two cards together

IMAG5011I like it and I would like to make more! What do you think about it?

Art Journal 101


Hi friends! Alchemist Rebecca here to share with you a little tutorial on how to start art journaling! Art Journaling is something I discovered by accident about five or six years ago! I started out scrapbooking, then found altered books and then my altered books turned into art journals! Art Journaling is a blast and I hope this post inspires you to try it!!!


Alright let’s get messy!!! I always start my pages out with some black and white type papers as well as my current favorite gold tissue paper; both of which came from our UNDRESSED Mixed Media kit! I tear my papers up and randomly glue them to my page!

image (1) image (2)

I then add Gesso (white paint if you don’t have any) all over the page with a palette knife (or old card)! I am a big fan of texture and this just does the job, its like frosting a cake!!

image (3) image (4) image (5)

I use an old room key or credit card to swipe paint all over the page, the flat surface of the card gets into all the crevasses of the textured back ground and adds some more as well! I love doing this particular technique because its quick, easy and dries fast! Plus it looks pretty awesome too!

image (10)

Ok now comes the fun part; decorating your page! There are so so many options here but this is kind of my process! I like to add some pattern and contrast (the plus signs, hearts and splatter!!) Then I like to find a focal point..


image (9)

In this case it was these two hearts I cut from my (overwhelmingly large) stack of painted papers! I also added some gold triangles around the page to add some cohesion!

image (7)

Found some cute gold stickers, added some washi tape and little circles and viola! My art journal page is complete! So how do you know your page is complete? My trick is to move around the page and just kind of trial and error it so to speak, if I try a few things and it just feels like nothing else fits then I go with it and call it a day!

image (6)

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial and decide to jump in and try art journaling, there are so many possibilities

and really no wrong way to do it! So go for it girl take the leap!

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Add new experience in your creation!

Hello, my friends! I’m Viktoriya. Some days ago I read Lisa’s post and it refreshed  my memory! I had new experience in my creative life and I would like to share it with you.

One day,  I saw an old canvas with photo image in a second hand shop. It was big canvas about 50×50 cm. I caught it immediately! When I was walking home I gathered autumn leaves for my “great” picture.

So leaves are on canvas, coats of white acrylic paint and putty and texture is ready! Add “stamps” by bubble wrap packing. After drying I used bright color paints, alphabet stencil and white and black touches.

IMAG4512Some textures and details




I really adored making this giant mixed media picture! And I would like to create another one! What about you?


Lost In Time

Hi, my dear friends! This is Viktoriya.November is A Steampunk month in Gauche Alchemy and it’s a fantastic  possibility for your creativity! Gears, old lamps and clocks are great details for this style

And my Steampunk Girl in her glasses ( she made it herself!) on my canvas

IMAG4735More details

IMAG4720Use acrylic paints,mists, texturing paste, cheap boards etc-love playing with it!





Thanks for your attention ! We are  waiting for your amazing works!


Grinding Gears

Better late than never! Our November mood board is full of twisted metal, greasy gears, texture, and a touch of steampunk. I know that all of our devoted Gauche artists and fans will find something to love on this board.


Please join in on the fun! Share your creations HERE.